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For sure. Great your second one your cap down. I don't think I did one yesterday at all. I owed myself one in eighteen eighteen. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley published her most famous piece of work and idea what book Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley wrote. Eddie Pence Reagan's. Wow you're on fire today Frankenstein. Or the modern Prometheus as it was subtitled verse published on This Day in eighteen eighteen and eighteen fifty-five leader of the bowery boys in New York City William Poole Aka bill the butcher who was buried in Brooklyn a hundred and fifty five. Carriages were in his funeral. Procession and six thousand mourners showed up to very from gangs of New York Zach. Firebombings New York actually think birds by gangs historic movie. Didn't get hurt. I don't believe so. was Daniel Day Lewis. Pay a butcher in that This Day in eighteen sixty nine the west. I learned of the existence of something called a giant panda via French missionary named Armanda. Theed who received the skin from a hunter and they said this giant black and white bearskin. How can that be a thing? And then then the the legend was born giant Panera slops they are and I saw the movie they just they just eat and they wanted him bone near the sea zone. They don't WanNA show 'em panda porn tried to punch him out upset. They don't want to let them die out. They don't WanNa fuck anymore. Diana Pastors all point in eighteen eighty eight. The northeastern United States experienced what was known as the Great Blizzard of eighteen eighty. Eight which makes sense. That was the year it was. It began with three days of constant snow and freezing. Willer up to four feet of snow fell in areas with Snow Drifts exceeding twenty feet shutting down entire cities. Transportat- him that's bad. As much as I miss weather having grown up on the east coast and then moving to Los Angeles years ago there were days. I remember trying to just get anywhere from anywhere was a nice and I I remember. We had snow so bad one time in Virginia. Where we could actually. We were walking around the house. We could step over our fence. Why does and we could. We could walk around and step over the fence. Cool when your kid? That was amazing. No School for like a week. Yes amazing this day in eighteen nineteen Moscow became the capital of Revolutionary Russia. Now of course it is the capital of the American political system. Nineteen twenty two. The Western hockey championships were held. The Regina Capitals Lost in two games to the Vancouver millionaires. That was a great name. 'cause nobody who plays hockey's a millionaire. Veg- I think they're still like the lowest paid professionals to at the least revenue of three or four majors will make sense. Probably I think just you and I watch as about nineteen twenty seven. The first armored car hold up ever. I wonder how long the head had been since they invented the armored car by that debt around US UP. Roll off the lot happened in. Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania figures Pittsburgh. League. Don't talk about that. You don't claim that side of the INS or bad out there in Pittsburgh. Nineteen twenty seven also on this day. The first Golden Glove Tournament was held boxing. Fans also on this day 1927 Samuel Roxy. Rafael opened his famous Roxy Theater in New York City in nineteen fifty three. The first woman army doctor was commissioned. Fm Adams took them a long time to get a female doctor in the army. But she got some shit to all you know it. Oh my God here. Imagine imagine her trying to examine a soldier. What he was saying we're trying to say was not medically cleared. And then when the shit she would get right off her given prostate exam Mica General. No I want a man's finger my that's right and also golfers writes for money with the general also nineteen fifty-eight. Charles Van Doren finally lost on the US TV game. Show twenty one. After winning one hundred twenty nine thousand dollars. It was later revealed. The whole thing was fixed at started a game show. Skin doesn't movie right yeah. Quiz show show. Robert Redford directed. It's really good. Nineteen fifty-eight also think. Charles van. Doren had a bad day when he lost on that game show on this day also in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight. The American B forty seven bomber accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb fifteen thousand feet onto a family home in Mars Bluff South Carolina. My God now the The nuclear capsule was not intact at the time but the bomb did go off leaving a seventy five foot crater that killed them I am leave. Anyone was home at all my gun but still had there been dropped nuclear material inside how they would have nuked the United States. Who's an accident Zack's accidents happen? Nineteen fifty nine on this day. Raisin in the Sun the first Broadway play by a black woman opened rain hands. Very was the author that play. Nineteen Sixty eight Otis. Redding is the first person in the US to posthumously. Received a gold record for his single Sittin on the dock of the bay he recorded. It was a smash hit. Song sold a ton and had a horrible plane accident that took his life dr watching tire spitting on her nineteen seventy-one. Jim Morrison left for Paris to reorient himself. He claimed actually was trying to avoid a jail. Sentence given to him in Miami for political kicked out on stay reorient themselves. You never returned to the. Us He died there in Paris in one thousand nine hundred seventy four. The Rhino records story familiar with Rhino records. This they they started out as a record store back in the day Now they are record label but they had a record store and they were very creative. They're here in Los Angeles and they came up with very funny creative ways to try to get attention and advertising for the store on this day in nineteen seventy four. They offered people anyone who would come down and take home a copy of Danny Bonnici. Solo album would get a nickel. They gave album and they would pay you in nickel if you would take off their hands. We're paying you to take the hours they had a big stack of Partridge Family. Danny Bonnici Solo album. And they couldn't get rid of them so they started to pay people to promote because people have had came in and bought other albums. Of course. That's a great promotion very clever. And if you've ever heard any of Danny Bonnici nineteen seventy four solo album. You guys Dan why they weren't exactly flying off the shelves. Here's a little bit.

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