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Ninety six point five WDBO. Thanks so much for listening to me, a great our gonna be joined by Geraldo Rivera shortly at Tom Kirstein. You gotta love his piece appropriate for every say his book is so appropriate for every single paradise doubt there or person out there with an iphone Android who has a personal device or an ipad because he talks about getting disconnected. And how this been a pot and the plan by Silicon Valley to addict us to all these things from Facebook to Google on down and their kids are not allowed to use as much as our kids are and I've been talking to my nonstop, Tom, Christina licensed psychotherapists talks about how suicides are going up bullying. He's going through the roof. Kids are getting distracted. They're losing their. They're losing their interpersonal skills, and it's going to hurt him in the next phase of their wives. All because there's this whole device thing has gone from a great thing to move us forward to an addictive device that changes our personalities. So we'll talk about that today. And also part two of my interview with President Bush forty one two thousand three book the games do count. I was able to interview people. Including our next guest. Geraldo Rivera about what they didn't sports that shaped them the rest of their lives. Now if they were great Joe Montana. You're not eligible for the book. I want people that went all in to play a sport. They didn't get paid for. But whether they were successful or not it shaped what they became a made them a better person or made them a different person or led to their success down the line. Well, every single interview I did on the phone that it couldn't do in person. I taped I tape this to make it an essay, I knock it down to an essay. But I kept all the tapes. Now, sadly, so many of the people in this book passed away, Robin Williams is in the book passed away. Senator John McCain passed away Gerald Ford passed away. And now, you have George W Bush H W Bush, and I'm going to play that for you. So let's get started with the stories you.

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