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The New York Post agree with him? We'll talk with a Greg Jean Grand Day. It's all coming up. I'm burning by the with the W O R traffic at the George Washington Bridge. You're still looking at delays of 35 minutes at the tolls in a jam to cross the span, all because of an earlier crash on the cross Bronx by the sheriff and now cleared away. It's 15 for the lower level. Lincoln and the Holland at 10 Minutes apiece. You're gonna see delays. If you're traveling on the L I e in queens, Heading eastbound by the Cross Island exit, 30 Disabled vehicle blocks off the right hand lane is Jem back from the ClearView and also westbound l I e xtra. So from the van Wyk Into Woodhaven Boulevard. If you're on the belt Parkway west Bond relation of JFK Expressway into Lefferts Boulevard, the supporting sponsored by Smart, mouthy, only 24 mouthwash with twice the leaves. Stay fresh out there with smart mouth mouthwash. She only mouthwash. It provides 24 hours of fresh breath with twice daily use. So whatever day may bring, you can stay Sunny with a side of fresh. Grab a bottle today Find smart mouth in the mouthwash Island, Walgreens or visits Pharma come to find a retailer near you are next traffic updates and 15 minutes. Now, let's take a look at the W O R Weather channel forecast absolutely gorgeous weather now, too. And through the upcoming weekend, maybe a change for the Sunday forecast believe it positive for now. Some high cloud with.

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