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Oh, my God. This is some deep shit right. Feminism's great. Man Will Manifest destiny women do whatever they want. fucking totally do whatever. Any human being out there you WANNA cut off your penis and sewing if a China. You can do whatever the fuck I told you. It's okay. Thank you who would. Right just don't tell me. I. GotTa Get my fucking kids to cut their fucking penises alright I'll draw the line there. But as far as women like doing anything yeah. You guys are great. Amazing and you're the most amazing nurtures and hormonally connected to the children. How do I know that because I had kids and no matter how much Mr Mom could play pay don't give a fuck soon as mom comes through the door whether she's exhausted from working or not. It's all about mom and it's all about mom until she goes to bed. So hormonally women are the natural nurtures but in our feminist climate today, you can't say that right? But I got a big fucking question because I'm a food activists WHO's watching the food? What happened the food in one? Thousand Nine, hundred, three what happened to the food? In Nineteen? Ninety six? What are they been doing to the food and then Fyi what happened to the kids what happened to seventy percent of the American people are obese or overweight wonder. We have childhood obesity why we have childhood cancer right now food is Madison and medicine is food. So what happened to the food? That's my big fucking question tell us. What the natural nurturers of the food weren't watching the food they were working in the workforce so Under fucking BRAS and made everybody else make sandwiches and now I have a beard because my hormones. Jokes on us because like truly I have like a growing a beard because I continue to dairy and I mess up and then I'm like I know dairy. It's dairy injected with the T from Monsanto fucking synthetic hormone that makes you grow the beard yeah. Right. So like I still love cheese pizza. NACHO PORNOGRAPHY, we won't get into this. So my advice is. It's a whole. Okay. But my advice is is studied Joel Salatin and his whole body of work. He was in food inc but he has cows and then he's got this little egg farmer rethink on a truck that goes behind the cows and then the bugs and the birds nail poop on each other and the eat and it's like this happy face farms like food is I. Yeah. Original food is food everything else that's on the commercial market and that's process and is not fucking food. It's poison people. That's the bottom line. Spend the money on organic food eat. Pay The farmer pay the doctor your choice pay now pay later your choice people get very like emotion I. Try to talk to my parents about this tribalism i. Tribalism we were like Arby's and my dad has a trimmer on his hand and I was telling him about the food he wants to eat. He was like shaking like this isn't true and I'm like. So. People are probably feeling emotions come up, but that's It is true. Guys. Food is Madison. said that in the third century, BC we base our whole medical industry on this motherfucker right food as met. Let Food Be Madison. And Die. Medicine..

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