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Ride ended he punches the ball out just before schuyler thompson goes to the ground that ball comes out why what a big time play the lead while this is huge schuyler tops it is hobbling held up on both sides he's preferred quarterback hunter hall a redshirt sophomore redshirt freshmen richard sophomore rather would be the emergency be the fourth quarter back it's a right leg injury though they score and get it back and score again but what exchange here at boom picking stadium kansas state turned it over their quarterback who knows what his health is now in oklahoma state takes over thirty nine yard line of case state staff to rudolph play fixed steps up in the pocket throws over the middle cracked by stauner and he's down at the twenty six yard line with four thirty seven ago thirteen yards pay all right to the line first down there up before the chains are either there there's with staff to rudolph grows to the near side caught by washington at the fifteen upset about first out of the port adr lawyer please take this fits long to get rid of it get going well vr game down eleven 424 to go and they are fourteen yards away rubber touchdown mazen word off in the gun to receivers each way kansas stage showing some pressure to come switch the running back hill to the right side of off here comes the blitz throw the battle finish across the donald global scourge twogoal water the who in still water eight fifteen yards touchdown reception it's a fivepoint game they're going to go for two here to make it a threepoint gave if they get it this is just unbelievable in mason rudolf is in his own right now there's a period of time in this game where he was off he was missing routes overthrown receivers a perfect slants the dillard's donor he does the rest driving over the golan twopoint conversion tribe all rest at the three snapped to rudolph fakes a pass leftover the metal additives intercepted in the end zone they could return it for to tread taquet down the right side wide other quarterback may soon rudolf takes about abounds at the forty yard let's a.

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