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But you know, they're kind of keeping quiet. They're laying low you don't wonder if they're they're reaching out to someone behind back. Yep. I don't know we could. Time will tell we will see the Miami Dolphins not scheduled interview Darren Rizzi until later this week than they will hopefully be able to get a chance to interview Chris Rashard and or Brian floors again, hopefully after their teams lose this weekend. Otherwise, if one or both of them win they interview them again until after the conference championship game whether or not the Cowboys and or the patriots win or lose that conference championship game. We'll see what direction the Miami Dolphins going will. Of course, be back with you whenever we come back on the air with the latest coaching updates. And as we move forward as they fill up their staffs. We'll get a better idea of what kind of players this squad might be looking for in the upcoming season. And that's when we get into free agency and draft talk. And that's when it's going to get really interesting as dolphins try to rebuild his team and build a sustainable winner. Any last thoughts out your sign? Go chargers. Yes. F the pats right there, you have it four. Josh how it's errand. And I am thank you for listening to Finsider radio. We will talk to you next time. Radio part of the fix dot com. And the SP should I should. never. The ball. We're always. When you think you're. With. As the greatest wealthy from. Ever on the ground. Anyone using your? Hello. I'm Ashleigh Carmen. I'm Caitlyn Tiffany. We're the

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