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Chung law is out front this has been shown who is on now is jeff flake in trouble if so why the answers lighting up conservative talk radio in the red state of arizona in our party would expect him to vote along with the majority of our party earlier you very much you have to support trump in this state right now to win that's the question we're going to test with the jeff flake candidacy arizona senator jeff blake's 2018 reelection all ready being challeged as the white house hunts for more loyal republican senator flake from never endorse trump's candidacy instead of going to the convention telling reporter i've got a mole my lawn in september still lukewarm or would still vote for donald trump trump than calling flake very weak and ineffective their relationship since there was a bit tones the started out so i've been critical and i have a perilous path under a president who has a public penchant for revenge i think it's really important if somebody screws you screw them back in spades sensing boehner ability and play kelley board has already announced her candidacy you have the trump signed yes on the wall why why such antimalaria now because i want to make america great again she lost in the primary to senator john mccain last but thinks it's different this time in has some one from the white house specifically called you to encourage you to run against senator frei or you know i've i've met with people at the white house i was there a couple of weeks ago how real is this effort to oust senator flick i would say it's extremely real and i i would be concerned if i were incumbent radio.

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