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Mall w. m.. A. l. Johns Hopkins we're discussing a theoretical Michael and I enjoy taking pieces. Of history and, putting together in attempting to interpret the clutter of the current events around us in this, instance it has to do with what Michael and I have dubbed the new American civil war which Victor Hanson of the Hoover Institution in these last hours is told me is already underway and I'm accepting that it's already underway. And I'm looking to Rome for what. That means the this striking fact is that it's possible it means we're permanently in civil war there will, be, no resolution as there was in the eighteen sixties or even after the new deal revolution remade understanding of the power of the federal government in the nineteen thirties and forties. Having to do with a conflict overseas that was a complication of the failure of. European government but right now we're speaking to the future twenty first twenty second. Twenty third century that's how long. Civil war can go, on. Because that's what happened in Rome Michael regicide it drove The Roman civil war not just. The first one, with Caesar and Pompey and Crassus but also the one that followed September severance you've named, his son one son murdered the other one but there was never going to be stability after that there were off times governors of major provinces Britain for example or Panonia or Syria who would lay claim and challenge roam the. Senators themselves were always being sent to. Govern one particular province or another and then proposed themselves as all powerful because they can take can control, the, legions in their province so regicide drive civil war and we're now watching on television on two particular cables but really all three cables discussed the topic and the front pages. Of the New York Times and the Washington Post two of our major newspapers the. Removing of Donald Trump four and then fill in the blank that is a. Rolling form. Of regicide That in the Roman example Michael. Did not lead to stability it led to, the, opposite to, a kind of anarchy, where no one believed that we could. Elect someone to to bring us together where everyone shows their own kings is, that inevitable Michael are we inevitably.

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