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It was just fun to them yeah you guys shocked the South Park was previously on in China won't if you look at the hotel in Beijing flipping the channels you like extra money in your pocket you like not having to drive somewhere to pick something up this is the way to do it just may be the most rewarding thing on your to do list today that's podcast one thank you for being a dedicated listener you've been watching the show you've probably been watching me drain some jumpers and there's a reason behind it season two of the hey you a is just around the corner and Paulie is not going to play this year and now we go to the newsroom for an investigations the motto of our news team is we don't break news we sprayed it let's go to the newsroom Dan after the shocking announcement that I'm going to retire from the League Gritty Gutty third place Paul pabst there's been a lot of speculation you Dan Patrick Wood dust off the converse or the Adidas yeah and play yeah now I'm not gonNA name names with some people in this room both on the air and behind the scenes wondered how do we defend Dan Patrick Ewing and will we be allowed to defend them as you would defend any other player in the a you a and you were compared to Brock Obama President Obama like when Broccoli Rama played pickup basketball could he be defended in a natural pick up way or was he deferred to buy the flunkeys that played against him that you if if I decide to play I'm not saying I am if I decide I gotta get medical clearance from variety of doctors how many Well I I Y got since replacement knee I probably need to talk to my knees searching and then all the other ailments that I've had that probably need to just check in with a doctor neuro physician or somebody like that neurologist yes mclovin that would please me when you talk about it Kinda sounds like a big deal for the vast they never said you couldn't play basketball but they never said you could see so does that mean to you a you take over in the a you a draft would you then get the second pick yeah that's where Paul was yes I'd second that's interesting so you're looking get theoretically either having Marvin or two days yes or other or other sure that's fair yeah that's fair I mean the big German you'd be sending a lot of picks for tyler the Creator Heidelberg Heidelberg when is the season going to start did we have a target date waiting for sponsors season to go with China they need replacement footage basketball the fact that they're not gonNa have the NBA on that working hard on the NBA going away China's GonNa put our games on yeah we're very excited about big follower brand coming to you you liked that I liked that let's bring in Carson Palmer I did some research by the way yeah breaking news I did some research I believe Carson Palmer's I game he came in to relieve Mike Van rap horst maybe against purdue and drew brees and it was one of the hottest days in the history of Los Angeles Band members and cheerleaders were passing out from heat exhaustion is that true carson I will never forget that game I think it was like a hundred and five degrees index on the field at the at the grass level the coliseum was like one twenty he's well he was I think he was? You know known as as being the best or one of the best quarterbacks at the time I was just a a young trooper Russian just coming into college and had had heard his name and he had he had been playing I think I think he'd played the year before purdue and had a really good year so purdue had a Lotta NFL talent I remember going into that game thinking they were really really good team and turns out they were in and ended up you know throughout drew drew's career there they want a bunch of games and a lot of success. Where's your heisman trophy currently it's an my garage I will say that garage is a garage slash office Oh okay have you ever loaned out your heisman never while you went on the show I'd love to okay okay but I gotta worry about mailing that sucker because I don't want to break member Eddie George lost one of his fingers on the Heisman I've actually got a really cool a case that you can put it in its well protected and that ships pretty well it's we'll have to have the show pay for shipping because it's expensive to ship things heavy I will I will pay for that and then you know how long you GonNa like this is just on consign men or is it how about you see has another heisman trophy winner deal garage like I said so that's what my back oprah I love that that's awesome if it wasn't usc where were you going I probably would have gone Notre Dame actually conflict of interest there but you know at the time it was it was you know had a chance to stay home and and you know play close to Home the USC kind of in my own backyard or fly across the country and and play at Notre Dame at the time when you know as as a kid coming out notre dame was playing every week on that Sean Television everybody knows Notre Dame was the movie rudy had just come out so those those are the two schools that that everything boiled down to Couldn't have been happier and and loved my experience anymore. USC We're talking to Carson Palmer he's joining us now this is a be dee sports cream called levels select and how'd you get involved in this I got involved just as I got done playing after numerous injuries numerous sir injuries and and got done and was walking away from the game after fifteen years and in a decent amount of pain and you know having sleepless nights comfort you know soreness is aches and all those things and was looking for something other than an ob later Viking in or any of the you know over the you know prescription painkillers was looking for alternative and started looking at CBD and I started using it and and found level select which is a cayden would brand and it's a brand you can trust brand you know exactly what's in it everything it says on the box that's in it is in nothing more and it's been an incredible product and really helped me continue to do all the things I love outside and still playing sports with my kids and and not being the same soreness situations I've been in for so many years so many former athletes talk about you know smoking not like that was just a way to relieve at least temporarily that pain how prevalent do you think that was when you were playing very prevalent it's obviously legalized in a number of states and and it's it's you know an avenue that guys have gone down and this is an avenue with cvt that I've gone down and it's it's been phenomenal product for me it's it's you you it's easy to get confused with the THC in CBD this is not a the HP product level selectors strictly cbd there is no thc that it is not a drug you can you can buy it online at select my level dot com and it's something that is great for for from my parents and people in their sixties seventies and eighties two guys that are in their thirties and forties to stolen a play pick up basketball and golf and do all the things that I do it's something that helps you continue to live in the sports world and live without soreness and soreness and pain yeah and I've sampled some CBD medicinal marijuana like all of that for just The implication that I have and you know it's temporary relief like I kept trying to figure out how how do I get rid of this but in the meantime I understand the benefits of this and I I'm wondering if the NFL do they get to the point where they partner with a CD company. I absolutely think so I mean I I think it's already in locker rooms in all sorts it's it's something guys have been using for a while but now that it's so mainstream and now that you can buy it online like like select my level dot com and there's so many options only different companies out there one of the things I was looking for was a company that trusted in a company that I knew what they said they were and what they were putting in the brought it is is only what they're putting the product 'cause there's a lot of riffraff out there so finding a brand that you can trust and finding something that you know will work and in and alleviate those sources and pains there's something that I found in and level select what hits still hurts well I've got a hit I've got an arthritic hip just from just from Landon on it and having three hundred fifty pound guys land on top of it I'm GonNa have to have it replaced it's something that I'm putting often and the reason I'm putting it off his I'm using level select on it and taking that ache and that soreness that was keeping me up at night and not let me sleep and and you know wasn't as active as I'd like to be but at some point I'm going to have to have I'm GonNa have to have the surgery and have this hip replace- I'm just trying to delay it as long as possible last night's game well what advice would you give Baker Mayfield after that performance man will for one to sit in the pocket for a little bit longer you know he's so he's so comfortable outside the pocket and that is not where the game is won and that is not where today's game is played He looks like he's not trusting what's going on in front of him he's not trusting his off into line because they've they've been struggling obviously but there's opportunities to stay in the pocket and slide and the supposed bouncing outside and getting out there around the numbers and hoping somebody gets open that's not where the game is won I gotta get more and more comfortable sitting in the pocket and getting the long guys quicker you know he's he's it looks to me like he's really waiting for things develop in this league you can't win the guys open for half a second the balls gotta be on him and he's not doing that yeah it feels like he locks in well you would know this as well as anybody any quarterback it you know there are times when you you Wanna get your star receiver the ball like having Odell Beckham that's different than Jarvis Landry they're both talented but obgyn wants to prove the world hey I'm still a great receiver and if you're Baker Mayfield how much do you let that play into what you do when you drop back to pass it's impossible to you know it's it's an extra extra heavy pressure and stress I gotta get I gotta get on the ball I gotta get touched I gotta get them you know in in space there's so many things that go through quarterbacks head and the gain is hard enough as it is when you have that extra added pressure of feeling like you gotta get him involved you gotta get him Downfield all the costs that are going through his head as opposed to just you know getting the ball taking your drop going through your reads and taking what the defense is giving them there's times where he's really looking for him and really feeling that that stress isn't that pressure of I gotta get him involved I gotta get involved and being a young quarterback you know Y- feels like Baker's been around for a lot longer than he has because we've been hearing his name for so long but he doesn't have a lot of experience he hasn't been playing forever so he definitely feeling that pressure in that stress of of getting him involved in getting the ball in his hands and unforced thing is leading the interceptions and more than that it's there's other guys that are open other guys who should have the ball in their hands and he's looking for oh BJ and it's really slow offense what was the best conversation you ever had in the huddle with receiver who came back and said I'm open man shadow just think oh what all but you know from from the conversations he and I had huddled to the the conversations Larry Fitzgerald and I didn't have huddle about how open he wasn't you know Larry Larry never beg for the ball he never asked for it he knew the the offense would come through him in and to him at some point but the conversations with Chad Larry Fitzgerald Man I don't think I have I mean other than I've seen him disappointed from from all the time the game on the golf course did you ever talk to beyond say after she wore your Bengals Jersey I'm still waiting on that call but why was she wearing your Jersey I guess she's just a really really big fan of you or me on his and in this trivial this is one of those trivia questions that is awesome if it's true you and your brother Jordan first brothers in NFL history to play the same position at the same time for the same team in the same game is that right I believe that is true November twenty first twenty ten so start and then your brother comes in yeah I mean I I don't remember I think we're up a handful of points in and he got in the fourth quarter and and I don't know if he completed a pass or or attempted a pass but I think we both did play in the same game I think he came in and and hand the ball off and maybe took a need to run the clock out it's great to talk to you you and stay in touch always appreciate your opinions and Fritzy will arrange for shipping of the heisman trophy here that we put in the man cave if you're up forty to be honest let's I'll make sure that gets out pretty soon..

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