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95 north, and that's real heavy this morning starts in a pocket street and continues to 93. Laurie granted WBC's traffic on the three Well, we heard that there were some possible sunshine, citing South didn't believe it until I actually saw myself at least a brighter sky, at least maybe a poke of sunshine. Here in Boston. Let's not get our hopes up. Though. It's cloudy skies for the most part today and still cool temperatures only in the sixties and maybe the low seventies later on today, nowhere near where it should be for this time of July. It is the middle of the month and we can't even get to 70 degrees. We will tomorrow as temperatures top 80 in much of the area still cloudy but very humid, so Going to be a bit uncomfortable but sticky continues on Thursday with some sunshine and we're going to try and string together two consecutive days of sunshine, hoping for Friday as well, Right now it is mostly cloudy 66 in Boston 7 36 on a Tuesday morning the world of wrestling loses a Hall of Famer, Mr Wonderful and Rowdy Roddy, one of the girls. Atomic drop The atomic Crawford holding hurt her badge, Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. At the very first WrestleMania there has died. One of the biggest stars of the sport in the 19 eighties. Mr Wonderful took part in one of the biggest matches in history with rowdy Roddy Piper against Hulk Hogan and Mr T. Mr. Wonderful. Paul Orndorff off. Was 71 former Patriots defensive lineman Jake MCAT let launches a bid for the U. S Senate in Arkansas. The cat was drafted by the Patriots back in 2012 and played three years for the team before being released. The cat will challenge Senator John Boozman for the seat on a platform that calls what's going on in Washington these days. Disgrace. The big leagues Come calling for another local baseball.

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