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Say Your favorite led Zeppelin Song. Yeah and you know the Kennedy Center Honors Honored led Zeppelin. And if you go on Youtube to watch it These two women from recall heart. Yeah Fancy Wilson did the song. I watched that unbelievable. So be led Zeppelin. We just heard that Kelly and I had that on at. It's a great rendition of it. Oh is really good. Well Steve Thank you so much for joining David. I in the huddle today. It was a pleasure having you on. Hopefully when we air the episode that that you'll like it and share it. Put it out on your youtube channel so that we get more fans liking us like they like you right now so Really appreciate you coming on and sharing your story with us. Thank you so much as soon as it is always Senator Jennifer Lopez. Because you're not the fingle I mean my won't take that long we don't have to cut it anymore. We have Premier Pronoun. So we can edit it a lot baton. Okay thank you so much. Thank you take care bye that hey we wanNA thank you for joining us today on how to walk with Gus Where we talked a wide range of guests but how support shaped your life as always joined by my great friend and Co Host Date Hager and we want you to be able to follow us on all of our social media at huddle up with Gus and we really appreciate you and thank you for your time and listening to our podcast..

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