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The the last segment Dr Carol Kowalczek proceeded to tell us that she does not like the word diet. Carol. Yes, tell us again. Why don't you like the words at die in it? The. I mean like really that is a defeatist four letter word if I ever heard one, so it's like, I'm gonna die. It's you know. Die like as of. Off a little smaller or die to your old habit. I was just going to say I mean. I mean, when I think a diet, I think of rice cakes and celery and looking at the frying, and yeah, and depressed, I'm thinking nutritional aspiration. I sat. I agree. It's a cool little head of nutritional choices, healthy choices, you know. So so so Adrian we're going to pick your brain. How do we accomplish this so many people, although although although I have to tell you we had a family workout session. The other day a little fitness center by my house. And I thought I thought every treadmill was going to be used up every there were six people in the gym five of them were us. And it was it was January third, and I'm like my man risen years resolution. So all right. How do we accomplish the nutritional aspirations and the fitness we want? So the first thing I always tell people similar to what Claire was saying about her six categories is I do like to discuss what is your long term goal. Because that does help me decide. Okay. How strict do we need to be or how is it more of a relaxed conversation that we're having? But then I always break it down monthly and even weekly as well. So that's the first thing. Is you do have to break off in chunks because if you are looking to lose even thirty pounds that sounds exhausting. But if you say to yourself lose two pounds this week that sounds way more manageable, in my opinion, and then from nutritional aspect, sometimes it sounds kind of harsh. But I love to say the phrase that you can't treat yourself every day and expect to be healthy. You just can't. So some of it is kind of tough love to yourself in my opinion. But it's also looking at food differently. And I love the phrase that is what I'm about to eat going to nourish my body, or is it just sugar or is it just filling a boy or a habit in that case. Or is it truly nourishment that I really need because getting that mindset behind is what's alternately going to make this a lifestyle change, in my opinion. So what would you suggest a person who's been a couch potato not me? I just don't activities. Family workout. Yeah. And I actually lifted weights route. So thank you. I I've followed you. So take a couch potato to you know, what you tell them that hours week. Yeah. Honestly, the the one thing that I always tell people is just kind of depends on your therapeutic. And you also your confidence as well. But start at home, I know as we all discuss there's always things to do around the house. But for instance, and was talking about decluttering if your basement is downstairs and actually abasement use those stairs in those trips to be your cardio for that particular day if you need to so okay, I'm going to dedicate ten flights of stairs today. Spread throughout the entire day. It doesn't have to be within ten minutes. So I often tell people start at home just start doing something, especially if you're not used to doing something, I often kind of discouraged people that are let's say couch potatoes for lack of better word from signing up and going to a gym because that's oftentimes where there can be some of that psychology of it as Claire can discuss by the insecurities that you not want people to see me, and my workout clothes, and here's some of. Shame and guilt. So if you at least get something going at home squatting, while you're brushing your teeth as we've discussed many times, but that can hopefully start again a habit that you wanted then continue indefinitely so so both of you Claire agent. There's this twenty one day rule. I hear about that. If you do something for twenty one days, it's gonna stick. So does that change the habit? Yeah. So so is that like twenty one days straight or like this whole thing? So so I mean, how do you do that you guys with the twentieth? Absolutely. So so cognitively, I think it's really important for people to recognize the skill of cognitive reframing. So we behave the way we feel which is coming from the way, we think so how do you change the way you think about exercise, and so a lot of times we fall into that black and white thinking. So I always challenge my clients. It's important to know when you're doing that so away eight this for breakfast. So I have a cheat day ahead of me. Because of that black or white thinking, so I had a cookie for breakfast. And yet the powerful two words of and yet the rest of the day to make healthy choices for my body or my emotions so that cognitive reframing of learning to turn the boat around without just calling it a wash in all aspects, especially for physical health is important. And I absolutely agree with that a or a line that Africa a lot of my clients. Is you always have the opportunity to start fresh again. I really don't like it. When people are like, okay. Well, I messed up at breakfast. So okay. Who cares as a whole day's got? Absolutely. Not you should ideally have two more meals and snacks that you could do better at if breakfast was not so great. So as Claire was saying China refrain constantly not just once a day not just once a week, but almost every hour sometimes especially in the beginning. So that twenty one day rule doesn't necessarily need to be fitness east is a whole mindset of I'm going to get healthier and. Maybe you're working out two days a week. But nutritionally you're trying to make changes. And that would be that'd be cool. And then that way, you would look at this with excitement, and you've happy to be doing as opposed to being depressed and tight about it. And think I hate the idea, and I often encourage people to kind of take a few moments and kind of trying to figure out what it is about exercise or fitness that you really don't like, you know, because a lot of times I hear people say, well, I'm just not Jim person or I just I'm not an exercise person. So I encourage people our bodies were created to move. I mean, if we go way back hunter gatherer days, right? We actually like it. Exactly. So we're in that process, whether environmental socially where did we start to hate movement, which is what we were created partially what we were created to do. Because again as Claire was saying, if we don't crack that cognitive ability behind it, then we're never going to get farther in Dr Carol speaking of movement, you are a world dervish. You have got big news for us today. You've got another browse says, hey, I'm so excited. So the fourth office opened up on January seventh in Plymouth, and I'm excited to announce that we now have a west presence. So I've had many many patients coming from Wesland garden city, Novi an and and all of these Livonia, and I had so many doc saying, you know, can you please put something out there? So we do we now have a fourth office opposites on Haggerty road in Plymouth. And it's on the corner of anarchy Borodin Haggerty right off. I ninety six. And I seventy five so my associate Dr booties and Emily, my amazing. What am I missing PA's and myself will be out there? And also Claire I'm excited you'll be there for any kind of counseling session as well. So it'll it's going to be it's gonna be fun. It'll be a very busy year. Basically the same kind of like all the other off. Yes. Yes. So all four offices will have the opportunity for fertility counseling and probably in the next few couple months where working on the ability to do everything there that we're doing in the other three so semen analyses ultrasounds and seventy consults and and the like so very excited about it. And you know, definitely with the other offices in lake orient Bloomfield Township in Warren, I think we've covered a nice nice base to allow patients who want to see us to be able to. And my philosophy is always been we need to be available to patients. And so I've got the best best team in the world. I am very blessed to work with a group of of women. And our couple token guys that are part of our practice to to really provide the quality of care that fertility patients deserve. So. And we're we're coming out. To you. So that's what I'm very proud of my staff and remind our listeners your office setting you kind of want to make it a comfortable place to be a place where people almost feel like they're going to a spa instead of a doctor's office, so to speak well, all office had that feel so one of the things that was very important to my staff, and I is that every office no one wears white coats. It's not black and white and bear is not medical at all every office has a spa feel and our biggest compliment is patients will say, hey, can I stay for you deliver my baby and the like not having a baby and like a lot of years. So that want to drop that precious precious moment and precious cargo, but but we want patients to feel comfortable and the biggest compliment is they don't want to leave, and it is a spa feel, and and that's what is important is that I want patients when they come to these offices to know that you know, what just leave that stress at the door. It's our job to take care of you take care of all of you. And you're a big believer that health and fitness. Play a huge role in infertility. Absolutely. And and if you're not taking care of yourself. That's why we have the wellness center at based at Warren is that I believe in traditional complementary medicine together will enhance success rates. I mean, we have one of the highest success rates in Michigan. We have for years for age thirty five, and I think part of that has to do with with addressing not only the traditional medicine, but inviting Adrian and Claire to be part of the complementary in the natural medicine Adrian's important in making sure that their nutrition and fitness Claire their mental health, and I think that combination with a amazing staff.

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