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Eighty-three in Ridgewood queens, Eighty-six in poor, boy and three in port Washington four, fifty at, WCBS and other impressive weekend for crazy rich. Asians at the box office the romantic comedy slid just six percent. From. Its a chart topping Debut of twenty five million Well that's what made this. Weekend according to studio estimates usually films make about fifty percent. Last on their second weekend not this time. Around a rarity in, Hollywood part of the reason older crowds getting dragged out by their kids when the film crazy rich Asians grabbed the top spot of the box office. In its opening weekend breaks it also. Pulled off another surprising feet it put Asians of a. Certain age in theater seats many Asian seniors avoid going to the movies in the US because if crowds. Language barriers and ticket prices but younger Asian Americans have been flocking with their parents to see the first movie in twenty five years with, an all. Asian cast, entrepreneur Harry piper CBS news the devil's half mile is a murder mystery. Sent in New York City during, the early years of America, author paddy Hirsch tells. Us this isn't the. Book he started out writing what I really wanted to write was a history of. The new York Stock, Exchange I'm a fulltime journalist, I'd written, a nonfiction book, abide high the markets work and I wanted to write a book about high financial market is Created out. Of, whole cloth and I find that America's first financial. Crisis actually happened in seventeen ninety three and I thought well. After the stock exchange was created immediately after. That financial crisis would, be a great history too right you know this market credit out of whole cloth so I was doing a bunch of research and reading letters between. Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson and all this. Kind of you know really intrinsically interesting stuff and then. I realized that if you're a reader it would actually be really really boring actually as time went on. For me I find it I find getting pretty boring as well so I decided well just to keep my hand in because I wasn't, doing any. Writing just, read a little merger into the narrative just for kicks and frankly the. Murder became just way more fun, than the the history did, you can catch the..

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