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FM, WTO P dot com, of course, on the WTO. Officials say this Tuesday morning that the 6 men who were killed in a midair collision at a Dallas air show recently were experienced aviators with years of fighter flight training, that is. CBS correspondent Omar villafranca this morning has the latest on this terrible tragedy for us from Dallas. Spectators watched in horror as two vintage planes collided midair in the skies above Dallas before crashing to the ground in a ball of flames. We had air collusion down on the airport. Rescue crews rushed to the crash site, but found no survivors. Now, investigators with the national transportation safety board are combing through the wreckage, as well as videos of the incident, trying to figure out what went wrong. Preliminary report from the national transportation safety board or NTSB is expected to be released we're told in the next four to 6 weeks. Google is paying up big time over allegations that it tracked people through their devices. It's the largest multi state settlement in U.S. history dealing with privacy. Google will pay 40 states $392 million over an investigation into how attract users locations, even if location tracking was turned off. Connecticut attorney general William Tong says Americans are being tracked every minute of every day. Precise location information in the wrong hands is very dangerous, knowing where people are, where they can be found in the hands of bad actors can put people at risk. Location tracking can help tech companies

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