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If i start off already greater concentric orientation or greater activity from that muscle. It loads that tendon faster and it will reduce the amount that it can actually deform. The deformation is yielding action which were overcoming action is when that energy now becomes utilized or whatever. Activity are trying to to participate in the the the guess position be good hor As far as the shortening of that muscle prior to that activity helps you. is an indicator as far as how much that tendon is going to yield. And how quickly you are loading that Soft tissue and then how quickly are than be utilizing. So let's take justin's verge jim as a really good example cannot get depth to save his life cannot absorb energy very effectively so as he hits the bottom of his counter movement. Looks like you just hit a rock and so if the if this is a soft tissue if it's only able to long eight maybe like three or four inches is only able to elongate another two inches because of how stiff is must always already was already bullying on that rubberband more so it wasn't effectively taking advantage of the full excursion of that soft tissue and then utilizing it for any kind of kind of activity other than i need to get this trump the crap if i if i want to get charged lift off the ground i will break pretense might tendons and pretense myself tissue. It's not just tendon. That goes into the bone itself. In order to effectively. Catapulted off the ground asap when i'm trying to as you've already alluded to joel. Elegantly in gracefully go into announced a cut go into and out of a jump and really demonstrate full excursion in utilization of that soft tissue there is a optimum position of muscle stiffness of muscle length and pressure within the system to demonstrate and justin was limiting himself or certain activities based on his strategy that was utilized. And you can see that in his range of motion measure so he he didn't have any internal rotation in whatsoever so yet cut because of that position of his asa tap like negative five to negative ten degrees of i are on the right and zero on the left and there's differences relative to the position of his pelvis that are creating the symmetry. But you'll overall shape pelvis wasn't allowing for any internal rotation.

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