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Forty five eastern. Here's a look at what's passing for news around the country around the world around the tri-state from Luke air force base near Zona last night. President Trump said Saudi Arabia's announcement that suspects are in custody in the death of columnists Jamal Khashoggi a good first step. So they would work with congress on a US response. Meanwhile, for their part Amnesty International says, the impartiality of a Saudi investigation into the killing would remain in question after thirties in the kingdom said the journalist died after a fight in the consulate there in Istanbul. Turkey on the subject of immigration, President Trump on the stump. With a well, at least, some some fiery speech at another campaign rally. Talking about immigration and building the wall and possibly sending US military troops to defend our border. If need be. The Alaska governor will not be running for reelection Bill. Walker suddenly. Said. This was after Lieutenant governor resigned over what Walker described his inappropriate overtures toward a woman. He was making this Alaska federation of natives conference in Anchorage. And he was met with cast and cries of no from the audience. He said there's no way he can win. He's an independent against former Republican state Senator, Mike Dunleavy and democrat former US Senator Mark beg. He said Alaskans deserve a competitive race. And he he went a little bit further here. He said. Alaskans deserve a choice other than Mike Dunleavy. That's way to bail out. Still no announcement from the mega millions lottery. Office. The numbers that could win an estimated one billion dollars were announced. I'll go ahead and check mine. I know I didn't win the numbers are if you've not heard fifteen twenty three while had one of them fifty three sixty five seventy the mega ball seven. No one has yet come forward. Lottery officials have not announced if they had a winning drawl or not the cash option if you chose to take it most people do. After taxes would be five hundred sixty five million dollars. If there is no winner from last night's drawing. Tuesdays will be worth an estimated one point six billion dollars. A not. Ohioans sometime in the next few months. We'll be able to buy and use marijuana products to treat nearly two dozen medical conditions after obtaining a recommendation from a doctor. State officials say they don't expect dispensaries to be fully stocked when they first open. Plant material e buds will be available in limited supply initially lotions the edibles the oils won't hit dispensary shelves until sometime later. This has been one of the most screwed up rollouts. In the nation when it comes to marijuana medical marijuana. In ohio. And a woman from the zanesville area. Who's one month old daughter died is fix last year has been charged with the murder in the death of her one month old was left in the car on a ninety degree day. Twenty-seven-year-old? Samantha Donohoe zanesville also faces felonious assault. Involuntary manslaughter and child endangering charges. She was arrested last Monday. And police searching for a suspect. You sell a sixteen year old in the leg downtown Cincinnati. The inquirer reporting. The teen was hospitalized yesterday morning for injuries not considered to be life threatening. And the team knows who shot him according to police. They're looking. And state officials say the number of people working non-farm jobs. No, high oh, hit an all time high last month with more than five point six million people employed. The department of job and family services said Ohio added jobs at a one point nine percent rate from September twenty seventeen to September twenty eighteen higher than the US rate of one point seven percent for the same period. And this is always fun. Cleveland officials have announced a gun buyback program that will offer citizens gas or food gift cards in exchange for operable handguns semi automatic weapons. See how that turns out see if that actually reduces gun violence in Cleveland. And in Kentucky state police Commissioner RIC Sanders says he's certain that lives were saved when a thirty s arrested the heavily armed manic used with threatening schools in two counties in the bluegrass. State police said they found the suspect twenty year old Dylan Gerald, possessing a detailed plan of attack along with a gun more than two hundred rounds a bulletproof vest and a one hundred pound high capacity magazine, he thankfully is in custody. But ten minutes away at the top of the hour and. Look who's hanging on the line. Our good, buddy. Dick, next on seven hundred wwl.

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