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I'm very excited about them starting quarterback for the first time that. Jim. Actually took out a high school. He's been using everybody else's quarterbacks and including shape Patterson I'm very excited about Joe Milton I'm very excited about somebody who might be a pamphlet shy of six six to forty I'm very excited to see what what Joe Milton looks like in maize and blue quite frankly Albert Yep I. Yeah. Have to be here. Good things about him. I've heard good things about Justin field. So I think we all have. Yes. I'll tell you what like all kidding aside yes. I'm really happy for the players I, mean I really. I. Mean. You know like one thing that I was sort of thinking about over the summer a lot like and I've got kids and you sports and they're a million miles away from ever being there. But you know you think like kind of like watching your kids like it made me think like like. The, the. How hard it is to get to that level, right? How much commitment it takes to get to that level and how short the time period those kids have to play at that level and how much they put into it when they were four or five years old I'm just really happy for the players and that's for all all the teams in the big ten in the pack twelve but they were able to figure this out because. I think we should have been focused on all along. You know like that those those kids who put so much into it like I'm just happy that it said that the people involved did everything they could to create a safe environment. So those kids could play again because the amount of effort forget the kids who are going to the NFL those kids that'd be fine. But the kids who play five years. At those schools and put so much into it in earn scholarships and be sort window to play, and once they're done, that's it like I'm just I'm really really happy that those kids like your seniors involved these programs get a chance to go out there and play one and one one particular kid I'll be rooting for heavily This weekend is A walk on captain at Nebraska named Kate Warner. Kurt Son. Bat. GotTa see on his chest captain B.'s Alcyone his. Why you just made my day let's Talk. About what current about him when he was high school he half now album battersea on his chest and I'll be rooting for him Saturday at noon Eastern. Yeah. Thanks for the call you take care of yourself. Okay. Thanks for A. Great Alva- prayer here on the rich Eisen show. Did Albert just say to me on to make a green hat that says, make the jets great again, just to remind everybody about football. So what he basically just said to me that I just hear that. Make up a green baseball CAP. Make the jets great again. Was Am Jaga. What it is. A. Just, Trevor Lawrence to wake up tomorrow and have Trevor Large at Green. And phone calls we come back. Now there are more ways to be a team with Microsoft teams.

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