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Paying for it. What? Well, the president gets his daily briefing us as the vice president and they've been in close touch with the h s and others to find out. Exactly. I guess that's something. You don't seem interested in which is who is in this caravan who's coming here. We have a right to know that. Doc, patrick. I'm not going to comment on that simply fearmongering center. There are middle easterners in the caravan when he admits he has no group to support that I saw that fear is one of your assessment Grover words today, I guess in the last two weeks excuse me, excuse me half. The D H says over half a million people tried to come over the border early this last year. It's a very serious issue. Caravan is FDA chess as they. You're asking me three different things. But let's get back. No, you're not. No, you're not. Let's get back to you and ask about this caravans. She talked about illegal immigration who's in the caravan caravan, why aren't the Democrats with a caravan? Why aren't they talking about the caravan? Where are they this president invited them all into the cabinet room? Last January is said he would make a deal and the dreamers and they choked on their own disbelief and left because they couldn't believe that. This president was actually make good on a promise of several presidents, but he also wants to end chain migration. He also and the the visa lottery system, he also wants to build the wall. So that we can be a sovereign nation with physical borders. Now Trump is targeted that caravan to highlight his hard immigration policies ahead of the November midterm elections lottery. Officials spent Wednesday morning preparing a convenience store in rural Simpson. Ville South Carolina for an onslaught of attention this after revealing that the winning mega millions ticket worth more than one point five billion was sold their state lottery officials held a news conference at the Casey Marta, celebrate the lucky sale South Carolina lottery director, Tony Cooper. Also had some words of advice for the ticket winner. It is a..

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