Brain Imaging, Mansur, Orly discussed on The Science Show - Full program podcast - Can birds sing music or are they just noisy robots?


It was a necessary part of building the social structure the social fabric of the groups also the ability to orly keep to the tradition going not only in terms of the history geography aboriginal populations here understand that very well so that to me is a key element of what music does of course the other thing that i think is very important is when you look at brain imaging in the areas of the brian that are shown to be active when you perform cooperative tasks such as you're given a choice of helping somebody also not helping somebody else given a dilemma of what to do the heirs of the brian directive when you are doing those cooperative acts many in the prefrontal cortex but also in the reward center the nucleus accumbens out very very similar to those areas of the brian directive when you listen to music that you like that you personally enjoy it so obvious when you see that relationship it's clear that music is a driver of those regions those regions incidently are the last to develop in humans that relatively immature birth and interestingly enough there are some pipe suggesting some of those wedin some more resistant to the change in dementia which may be one of the reasons why music memory and music contraction is such a wonderful wild unlocking people's memories and the social interactions if they have dementia or some sort of other memory loss well i nother in the book you say that language spoken languages many on the left side and music comes on the right side of the brain but we give impression from what you just said of the therapeutic advantages in people got mansur that each spread almost all over the bloody brain you know so you're you're activation parts which transcend the fact that some other parts of the brain vim broken the general consensus is that the circuit since associated with music and the remedy not just sensory components is the motor components because our defy anybody is listening to a piece of music by really enjoy whatever it is to be not tapping or thinking about having a finger removing the headed this this absolute bond between the sense remoter experience in music that's hint starts.

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