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Forty eight percent baby boomers twenty one percent so here it's like our kids supporting their kids of course well that's their family though so other than that so is that telling us that the gen xers like forty year olds are taken care of mom and dad too that's kind of weird isn't it mazing so again this email in from fred so fred is asking me he's in a partnership with another guy and he he's asking me what can he do they're finally starting to make some money trying to find the email i had earlier so we're we're finally making some money what steps do i need to take to make sure that i'm financially protected and so forth well fred you need to hire an attorney that knows what he's talking about or a financial adviser that knows when he or she is talking about but by and large and i have done quite a bit of this in my past life here it is from fred i'm in a business partnership we haven't done anything legally i don't know i don't know where to start we're starting to do very well and i want to be sure i cross all the t's at cetera do i hire a lawyer financial planner cpa help love the show.

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