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You refer when they go in and go jiang those yes indeed we're talking about two cars today and our next guest i love this he writes dear ms barra please do not by tesla well today both general motors and tesla in the news shares of gm rallying falling its latest quarterly update tesla keep in mind reporting results after the closing bell coronel be breaking it down david could live is founder ceo and chief investment strategist at mainstay capital management they've got more than two billion dollars in assets under management david joining us on the phone from michigan david so dear ms barra please do not by test there are you really concerned that gm might indeed do that well carolyn curry uh the you know there's been a a history of the automakers uh making purchases acquisitions of uh other brands and really the thesis here whether it's general motors or another company is tesla has a great brand uh largely revolves around he lawn maas but a great brand but they're having trouble producing cars so if they were to be matched up or acquired with somebody that neutral build cars uh that would be about a cashflow and there may be someone thinking that brand our caution to any one would be ah we take you on moscow's is important detect flood steven jobs was to to apple yet tesla is even been referred to the iphone corners uh but i'm sure there's some to teach in there with all the uh investment the cat back into electrification in collector's vehicles here's the way to have uh market penetration with a very very popular brand right away and someone who needs help and manufacturing cars which gm and ford and others have done for one hundred years or more you're saying to different things you're saying it's it's the apple of cars except that it doesn't work i mean i i posted a video someone said this morning of the folks automotive people taking apart the model three and what they found is you know they've they can he said of one on one side of on the trunk on one side of the gap was was pencilthin analysts said he could put his thumb completely into the trunk that some of the emergency features to open doors of the hood are virtually unworkable that the i mean that.

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