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Threes for the Bulls. Levin and former wizard Otto Porter Jr each hit three The Bulls were one in three. They play in Washington again tomorrow night in the West Garfield Park area. The fire Department's working on a house fire on Gladys, just south of Pulaski, also on the tri state, heading North bound approaching Saint Charles. You're gonna be tapping on the brakes due to an earlier crash everything else so far so good out on your expressways. And to always this morning, I'm thinking Jacuzzi in from the Idot traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. And from the W G, an associative bag, mark a deathless, take a look at futures activity and find out what's happening and a little bit of a give back in action. Right now we have been up triple digits on the Dow, and actually, that's just happened again. Pumping back into triple digits. Staff 30 futures up 102 102. S and P 500 futures up about 14 asset futures up just about 42 points. Overseas European markets strong piece by the DAX in Frankfurt up about 420.10% Asian markets, looking good as well. One that didn't do well and just really not that surprising some profit taking after hitting a 30 Year high yesterday, the Nikkei in Tokyo down about Half percent, and that's business. If you were in the Congress, would you say.

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