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Find US News and Information K l I f Fox News. I'm carrot McCue, the former VP of the Trump Administration, checking off its accomplishments today in Orlando, Florida In 48 months, the Trump Pence administration achieved the lowest unemployment, the highest household incomes. The most energy production. Most pro American trade deals, the most secure border and the strongest military in the history of the world. Mike Pence. Addressing the Faith and Freedom conference, the search continues in North Carolina for those still missing following a river tubing accident. Two people are still missing in Eden, North Carolina. Rescuers searching the Dan River rescue for people but also recovered three bodies after they went over the Duke energy damn. While tubing got the people off the water. They were transported to the hospital. We knew originally they were potentially nine people. Rodney coaches, the local emergency services director, Foxes Evan Brown, America is listening to Fox News. Westbound highway. 83 just passed Beltline Road in Irving. There's an accident taking away the right lane. This has traffic slowing from story road in Dallas still have this crash along westbound 6 35. It is blocking the ramp to head north on the tollway. Heavy traffic volume from Hillcrest. Slowdown heading into downtown Dallas on westbound I 30 from Ferguson over to I 45 in mesquite Westbound Highway 80. You're jammed approaching 6 35 with Kegel lineup right now. Traffic. I'm Dave element when you wake up crisis at the border when you were opening our economy when you drive home this escalation of violence what's happening right now all day update your day at the top and bottom of the challenge myself as updated as possible on real news and information. 5 70 K l I f k l i f dot This had furnished by Desmond Tutu LLC offer not valid in all states. We're prohibited by law loans are subject to approval. See Website for details. Honey, The credit card bill came and we're maxed out great. Maxed out cards. Rent.

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