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50 and Alexandria man is now facing federal charges after a disturbance on board a recent flight into dulles Elias bethel who's accused of disregarding a flight attendant's instructions and assaulting that flight attendant during an Ethiopian airlines flight from Dublin to dulles He could get up to 20 years behind bars if convicted and in a separate case a New York man Ivan Lopez junior is accused of sexually assaulting another passenger on a flight from Vegas to dulles he could get up to two years in prison Barring intervention from the federal courts the national archive says it plans to release a group of disputed Trump White House documents to the House committee investigating the January 6th attack on the capitol Because the documents in question are not specifically identified in the ongoing lawsuit between former president Trump and the committee the archive says the documents can be turned over And the Justice Department also maintains the release won't violate any order of any court as the Supreme Court has yet to rule on it But you know a lot has changed in Hollywood and right here at wtp over the past decade and as he marks ten years on the air as our film critic Jason Frehley is looking back Folks always ask how do you become a movie critic There aren't exactly job postings for it but I wish my big break came a different way WTA movie critic Joe barber sadly passed away in 2011 I was a writer on the morning news desk who had just graduated film school and I guess they said let's give the kid a shot My first review was exactly ten years ago today on January 19th 2012 I must have been crazy choosing a French silent film for the radio but I gave the artist four out of four stars and it went on to win best picture To this day I can't even listen back to it My voice sounding like a booming movie trailer Thanks for ten years of feedback tweets emails and phone calls David ratner for the win Jason WTF be news Three 52 top stores were following for you today here on W TOP plenty of them President Biden is set to begin his second solo news conference as president in just a few minutes It will start at 4 o'clock a reminder will stream that news conference for your life and WTO P dot com And get ready for the potential of more snow a winter weather advisory goes into effect early tomorrow morning in just a few minutes We'll tell you what kind of commute you might be in for That is of.

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