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He was to at Tennessee, and I'm sure he is. And I wish him well and he said something about, you know, when I was playing, we were part of a nine year string of losing the Tennessee have. I'm sure he just said that your phone or his fielding a lot of our anti Obama stuff. I mean for the record and and you know this, but the streak was from ninety five, I believe until two thousand and and one Tennessee won seven straight. It lost run in, oh, two than at one. Two more. So it one what? Nine out of ten, but that's not nine straight. Yeah. And of course it might be worth repeating that Alabama's real off what one? Two, three, eleven or a million? Yeah. Well, we really how Bama from seventy one to eighty. One one that was nine, wasn't it that was eleven on a row. Another one to know. Eleven eighty two game. That's the first time I ever got scared after game. So so here, here's what I'm finding humor is. And again, I'm talking about my school here Philip, but so so they're making a big deal about a nine game winning streak. It's only seven while Alabama in your yours in my lifetime has to eleven game winning streaks against them. That's correct with Paul are twelve game streak, which I hope I'm hoping for this year look as as a heretic did a week ago. Yeah, I think we lost Philip, but we got the point across. I'm glad we cleared that up. I knew it wasn't nine. I thought there may have been a tie in there somewhere, but. I think there was a tie in there somewhere. I just can't remember in what context that was it. But anyway, we appreciate the call great to hear from him. Let's take a break more of your phone calls after this. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Okay. We're back radio folks with us. Let's bring in Seth Walder. The mentioned the forementioned and he presented by holiday express be the radios. So thanks for the time. We don't want to work you over before you start, but please explain this list. I heard you Paul, I heard you. I can tell you love it, which parts trip in Kentucky not being in the talk. I'm trying to understand what basis that you and your colleagues used to determine the the metrics here. It's a slew of factors, but the biggest thing is basically how you perform against expectations. So when you improve compared to expectation, that's when you start to move up both in sort of the short term in the long term. Yeah, it seemed like Kentucky, they blew expectations. They ended that long streak against Florida, but and so their seventeenth now. But they were at seventy nine just a week ago. So that's a massive jump for them because of that. So. Cincinnati, expectations. They were. We get Alabama pretty much meeting expectations. So aren't they. Yes, but I do think that part of it is just when you're one of your an elite team, you're probably the best team in the country. We all know Alabama fans tend to be cynical about what they had there is I think some inherent happiness when you were the defending national champion. So what does it really mean when fans are happy. Well, I mean, let's say the, there's a big question. I mean, that's the question we're trying to answer, and I think it's really how much satisfaction are you drawing from your team? And the reality is with one hundred and thirty FBI teams. A lot of those teams are not going to be in the national title conversation, so your expectations by be lower. And so that's how you end up with the Cincinnati at number one. Because if you're a Cincinnati fan, you're not gonna win the national title, but you're feeling pretty good today. Having upset UCLA beat near rival. Those are the things that we think at least you care about. That's what we're trying to at least show. Okay. Well, I think I've exhausted that because I, I don't mean to sound the wrong way. I'm still not sure I understand what this is all about because I talked to happy fans and unhappy fans, and a lot of times they're from the same school that is true. People are very different, no matter what no matter if they for the same team or not. Let's talk about something that actually matters with all due respect..

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