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What did you see in a pretty frantic? You're the first almost six minutes. And that was really the first whistle. We had it all both playing at that pace. But you wonder if it's a little bit of nerves or just trying to play a little too fast for both teams already four turnovers in this contest. I don't think we're gonna have to worry about a shot clock though. That is not a factor at all so far Radford with all about trailing by one Radford of the whole whites moving right to left. The opening twenty minutes. Caleb Tanner was the ball game for the first Bradford. What are the top three point shooters in the big, south, polite? Hazard of the left wing finds Tanner on the right side. Looking inside a day holiday. Just check it as well. The white with the basketball looks he was left and a double dribble. The wanted to get that ball. Joel wasn't quite there. Put it back down and that'll be a rat for turnover. Their second. Gardner Webb of the ball in the back court Christian Turner checks in for the first time. Eric Jamieson also all the floor Ford Gardner Webb along with Brandon Miller is f- bionic leading score with the between the circles crosses right to let big jumps off the page. Wanted polite coming for the weak side down by Gardner Webb out. Brooke here's Jameson into the paint bounce it. Low Miller pump that uses the rim to guard itself can't finish the reverse. Layup grabs his own rebound. Puts it up left it on the front of the rim. All of as the rebound inside for Radford over to car Jones. John's wart fiddling right side exit passed out of the right corner. For Hicks dribbles up on the wing. It's polite between the circles looking back at Jones on the right side rebels that way forces landside drop it off jolt baseline jumper from fifteen. That's no good rebound. Taken down by meet Johnson for Gardner Webb thousand right side. The FBI working against Tanner forces way, down towards the block now throws it back out Hotta Jameson Jameson with it. Put it on the deck of the left hand dribble center. The Foulon out there for Johnson. He'll shovel it over right side, the FBI rebels into the paint kick it out Brooke Jameson shot clock. It's wilt Jamison driving, right? Hooks up with a right hand. Rolls around and comes off and the Tanner for the Radford rebound, still eight seven Gardner Webb. Well, forty eight to go in the first half. After that frantic start bowl teams had gone cold Jones without high of a left side passed out a hicksville up out of the wing looking at the Holland out the two bucket, Elaine double team comes immediately out to Hicks hierarchy Jones, don't one time with the right corner. Who's at the top of the backboard collar, grabs the rebound. Window biller has the rebounded side Gardner Webb either team off the bucket right now. Tertre with it skipped past quarter. Johnson drives a three ball. That's good. Johnson who had been struggling hits that three from the left quarter at it's eleven seven Gardner Webb with twelve o nine to go with the first. Not good ball Balmer. But like you said just can't get it going. The basket Joan slowly walks the ball Jones meddling left off a Holland screen. Turns the corner gets down the block he's surrounded gets overhaul of right side ball poked away, four picked up by EPA, yada. He's got the skill for Gardner Webb BULLDOGS with a four point lead. Here's Turner, right side. Johnson Johnson Johnson sod cutting Miller the paint hand bounces around the iron and scores to pull bonds. Very good interior passing going on the drive with the big man steps help. They drop it off the big man, he finishes her teen seven Gardner Webb eleven thirty four to go. First half dedman center in Radford Jones with it high the right side Jones grueling, but he got a handshake gladly a whistle. That foul will go gets, Christy. Tarter? That's his first I bow. We've had in the ball game. But we've got out with eleven twenty seven remaining near the first step Gardner Webb thirteen Radford seven. You're listening to the big south conference championship on Westwood One. Together, we can turn a stairwell into an ER at a moment's notice. Together, we can turn a rescue ship for refugees into a maternity ward. Together, we can vaccinate seven hundred ten thousand people in just eleven days. Together, we are Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders goes where others don't provide lifesaving medical care. Learn more at doctorswithoutborders dot.

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