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Six six guard from North Carolina number fourteen. Danny green. Number two. There you go. So they boo quiet lettered justified. Yes, he quit on them. When you're you're an organization has built up the last twenty plus years through pop David Robinson through Tim, Duncan through Manu circling. There's absolutely a certain way of doing things. And I think he went against that. And I think. Long. I say very patriot. Like those fans without him. Remember, they didn't they don't win the championship last championship. That's okay. Before that. Yeah. But I'm just saying he there's okay there. And if he's not they're not there. None of those guys quit on them. And I think in San Antonio as a smaller market a team. That's a good point. Right. You play for the fans of more than anything. You do. It's a it's a different. Kevin Durant is a big deal. It. No, no doubt. Is a big market. I don't know if it goes down as bad one hundred percent, right. Look when Gordon Hayward left Utah. They him when he came back as a Celtic. And he didn't even do anything. He didn't bring bring them a championship though. But you're right. The the Portland's Salt Lake Sacramento. San Antonio, the the single professional sport type areas, they do they take a personally like, for example, if Kevin Durant leaves the warriors after next year, you ain't gonna mood when he comes back. He will be cheered. Because our general I'm speaking for the fan here could be wrong kmby are. But I don't think I am the general thought when you're at a major market San Francisco, New York, Chicago LA, you left us, urinate, like we're not doing you. We'll we'll cheer. You helped us win a championship. We'll cheer you depending on how you left why? Leonard didn't leave in a great way. But the major markets New York thinks New York's the best place on earth L A thinks it's best place on earth. The Bayer thinks it's the best place on earth. That's how we think. So if you leave our area as an athlete, then you're idiot. That's how we think. Now. Smaller markets is used as pointed out. It's been my experience. Did they take personally how could you leave our city? You are big part of our city. If you leave our? City and I'm not talking about Joe Montana. Getting traded not that I'm talking if you make a decision as a free agent to leave this market. Then you're stupid. That's how we see it. Smaller markets, take personally largest markets think themselves your an idiot except for except for when you are that that guy that like Kevin Durant? That's won two titles. Hopefully three and have two finals MVP's you've given everything they never gonna boom here. They shouldn't. I wouldn't. I would imagine if he's not relevant enough to boo. Way. More fun. Just to boom, though. Have the the Cavs m played here this year? I wish we'd go back to the by the way. I don't know why just thought of this when we used to do the dubs countdown to tip off. We did the music that was that was good. Knicks that bad move. The music was solid. It's still top rated. I'm just saying like personally like Houston, then be Smith would have to find music that was relevant to Houston. And then we would we'd played underneath it. The whole time. I got a text from it was great. April fifth. I even if like, let's say..

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