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Needs such as lease or mortgage payments utility expenses payroll expenses supplies and services and materials the other is infrastructure P. P. ET grants to purchase items including PP that are needed to adapt to business to new processes or items that are required to operate in a different manner due to the Copa nineteen crisis applications for the program are now old K. away news radios Chad Bauer Aurora police are investigating a shooting two men are dead after shoot out at Aurora EZ pawn shop the shooting happened this afternoon in the seven hundred block of north Peoria the relationship between the two men is not known governor Poloz says outdoor visits will now be allowed and nursing homes and other senior care facilities in Colorado the governor says there will be some strict guidelines for those outdoor visits prior to the visit they need to provide information on coded instructions in cell screening the visitors greeted outside that it is an entry the staff member performs a temperature check in symptom screening everyone involved with the visit will have to wear a mask the state is still working out details that would allow for indoor visitation jury bell Keighley news radio a leading vitamin retailer files for bankruptcy details from fox's Hillary Barsky GNC has filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection the eighty five year old vitamin and dietary supplement company has been saddled with around one billion dollars of debt along with declining sales even before the corona virus pandemic GNC will continue to operate but with fewer stores the company is looking to shudder at least eight hundred to twelve hundred locations as it restructures and looks for a buyer GNC had about seventy three hundred stores as of the end of March and also sells its products in an additional twelve hundred rite aid stores Hillary Barsky fox news and added Houston to the list where apple stores are closing again the tech giant already shut down eleven locations in Florida North Carolina do to coronavirus cases our next update at ten thirty AM to at Coachella care when news radio eight fifty.

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