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Chicago approved by the mortgage experts of team Hochberg just urge T. R. A. F. F. I. X. Chicago I'm Jan de salvo from the ida traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death the forecast for the WGN Chicago weather center here's meteorologist Tim McGill sunny breezy and very cold today as a matter fact record called high temperatures expected won't get get up to around nineteen or twenty advertise time there's fifty degrees factor in the wind say which will be pretty blustery of north west is going to feel like zero to ten below times this morning tonight becoming mostly cloudy down around ten for the low early in the evening that steady or rising temperatures overnight tomorrow cloudy not quite as cold but still call for this time of year twenty six like snow possibly tomatoes tomorrow night that could spill over to early Thursday then becoming partly cloudy Thursday afternoon thirty two terms of accumulation Wednesday night early Thursday morning maybe a half inch to an inch and some are harder hit areas most of us will get just light amounts Friday partly to mostly sunny thirty three Saturday partly to mostly sunny thirty six I'm coming up on the double jump at the center it's eight right now it here ten it bit by a fifteen along the lake front the wind chill is minus nine and the record breaking cold is our top story this morning Chicago establishing a new record low of seven degrees zero here this morning and this afternoon as you heard him say the high will only make it into the upper teens around twenty which will shatter the old record high of twenty eight degrees a single digit Winchell's continuing true today it's not a pretty morning for commuters taking the trains and buses to work in those single digit temperatures here's WGN's Courtney goes but the weather that if you're out of fear here for about thirty minutes that's all it will take for you to get frostbite those in danger of being exposed to frostbite or those having to ride public transportation to and.

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