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And they've and they put down into the us government bank account so we've created five true and ahlers out of thin air we've put in our bank account now if it was only news to say paid on the federal debt which could be done which can be done it would have very little effect on anything other than you know making it harder for that to the people who have retirement finest him to be able to put their money in treasuries for example but if that my trillion was spent on infrastructure if it was spot on education if we spent i mean we know from the g ideal experience for every dollar we spend educating young man after after war and women after world war two with the jags dollar respond college we got a seven dollar return on additional tax revenues that we would have had if they had learned earned less money because they had been college educated so if we took that five trillion dollars reported into three education phil lead for structure rebuilding our country you know you would have a tremendous stimulant of the fact anyone more than payback five trillion in my opinion allen browns opinion many other china missed it would not the inflation so it could be done david it's been great and boston walking question thank you for crawling asking to me that it's tennis before there bottom back tennis before the our tom herman's or would you events so much to our show director louise harmon tonight's activities swoosh on taylor to our producers shot chain foreign daniel gelled a torre phone screener crisman dallas to our writer researchers nate sweden try nowhere to alvan all vote for video production to our when masters dodger peacock in jamie ali to our business manager ron harden bomb of wi dayton everyone at the various companies a syndicate this program digital media pacific or radio serious xm satellite radio fiddle radio network the on deck dish that were directv and all cable providers of carey are show like an ad neighborhood network and others around the country all the great folks or free speech julien our team tv to work on the big picture the progressive voices channel one tune into net rinse radio to a newsletter editors who never got the folks.

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