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On the westwood one radio network i gotta sia this for you before we go back uh uh uh the the wrigley said reprogram already in progress and your phone calls we have a selfie museum now why do we need a selfie museum but they got one it's in indonesia an indonesian selfie museum stirring outrage with a nazi display leaving jewish organizations hall for an individual asian waxworks museum to remove a nazi exhibit edward at which visitors take sell ps with hitler stemming before an image of auschwitz now is is that not bad pace so you get a selfie with hitler standing in front of a switch los angelesbased simon wiesenthal center which campaigns against holocaust denial in antisemitism said the display is disgusting and mox victims of the holocaust in which million will millions were exterminated by two germany uferi with bollywood you know but would bollywood is johnny it's somewhat like the well i had this once the indian hollywood yes what is a guy on the plane next to me yesterday and obviously he's indian dot not feather by the way and he's watching what i assumed is a bollywood comedy rain and by the when it's a beautiful women in there but the that's different and the guy who were sort of like dumb they're so like the three stooges it's a modern thing it looked at yo course i couldn't hear anything and if i did i probably wouldn't understand the language but they look i mean you know just from the physical comedy they were absolutely hysterical but in one part of it uh two of them are running around in a kkk robes and so i guess you know that passes for comedy anna india i may i would what i was wondering your did the folks in india by the kkk heckert could i thought the kkk was a us thing i mean that they go international or i guess maybe everybody else knows but the kkk to as though it was bizarre anyway we're we're we're willie an alabama willie how are you no party are you sir i'm doing dandy what's on your mind it mentioned your show first time caller as a galician to a lot of.

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