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Are two thousand nine. What's the charger is incompatible with the two thousand nine. What's unique to thirty. What a little slightly bigger one to use both sides. Same time one short. Not that doesn't work and doesn't work. I think when we say the only started bundling those with the most recent iphone that they might not have put it in there. I don't know so now you have to spend. I think one hundred twenty dollars on this charger plus fifty dollars on a on a brick. Gets you one more. What than the brick that you probably already have. That's awesome Going amazon and i'll look at socks. These socks are too expensive. I don't want to buy these eleven dollars. I don't want these socks. So i'm excited. That people are spending so much money on a power brick for their duo charges. Going too expensive. I'll just. I'll just go. No sock wearing very small salk suits. Are they very little. They are little socks. You need to replace worn out. At least the look i got other year. Check this out. You tarantino literally freaks. You got to pay for that. Listen this out. You got charged that about a year ago. I went on amazon. And i was like i just want the cheapest pair of shoes i combined episode and i looked up like size. Twelve shoe amazon sorted by cheapest was like okay. I found the chiefs. They were like seven bucks or something. And i bought them. They're great. I was worried i was worried him outside a couple of weeks ago. Like picking up my trash cans or something and whenever. It was like really like shoes. Where'd you get them. I said oh. These are literally the cheaper shoes by amazon. Go type shoes and cheap and you can buy these as well. I love him through my sneakers sneakers. Have no brand time. You shoe there was people who were finding some type of bug or error in amazon where there was certain like patio furniture and stuff and household furniture for sale. For like twenty cents. That's awesome like having fucking. I didn't i don't resell it. That'd be an interesting to where the cheapest outfield amazon. Let you just loves type shut and just party or outfit owner experiment like try to get drag quote unquote dressed up and have one person. Where like nice designer. Whatever the person literally shakes yeah like a twenty dollars the average person can tell the difference like have someone have to people on the couch ahmad cast and audience like who overpaid for their that. This podcast brought to you by voodoo ranger veterans beard. That does not take itself too seriously and neither should you. It's one of those beers you pick based on the design alone but that actually does not disappoint you soon. You'll be picking voodoo ranger because you love it and because it brings you joy and who couldn't use a little candidate joy right about now Personally i think the captain dynamite. Ip great look see what it looks like. Achievement hunter on their. You know those guys are probably Super intake with a blend of choice hops and complex flavors it's also got a tropical citrus aftertaste. You can visit at vote. Arranger on twitter and instagram to hear more live ranger asli and please drink responsibly. A friend who stayed in schertz texas asked him where he said. I'm outside of san antonio. I think i'm gonna place called shirts. And i didn't know that it was spelled like s. c. h. Whatever archies shirts this and sets eighty to a place. It just gave me places where i can buy shirts and i thought what an incredible way to go shopping. I'm in the state of texas. And what do i need shirt. Where can i get to the nearest shirt. Snow night. Even shirts somewhere within a thousand mile. Where am i texas is there. Iran's texas up guys how would you know everywhere in texas well. I've heard a lot of places in texas. Do you think you've had more than one percent of all. The places in texas are probably more than one percent of all the places in texas suny place i think most of texas is empty. The tiny little place. I've been to a lot of. I've done a lot of driving around the state. Is their a pants texas. No no is there a springfield texas scott to be like a springfield. Everything right there. They call it in springfield and simpson's because it's like such a Generic town named that so many states have springfield. This just can't find what you're looking for. Adam missing place. While i could make pence texas chewy. Make this office pants. Texas gallup's do it runs a code instead of texas. There exists Yes it is. I can't find again clothing stores. So if i just want to find pants but that's not what. I'm into suburb of san diego whites. Texas i feel coaches is just outside of san diego texas palestine and what's happening gone. What is going on. Yeah san diego outside of palestine. What they really just ran out of names to start taking other places. Is there a place that is present in all fifty states springfield springfield is variable hawaii. Sir look i can't find a place called the i can't find a city of pants. A lot of them are just like city pants lululemon. I don't want city pants. I want the city type of is there. A city called paints pants. Is there a ceiling called. There is no springfield hawaii hawaii. You're listening or fourteen. Articles of clothing. Might deliver to forty days. Is there a city called poop. There is one place in the world called poop remember when on jackass. Johnny knoxville went all the way to miami soul. Pencil was it. It's i springhill alaska either. It's an us my anus so fucking good hosts pronounced too. It's not like the whole bit is. Is there a fire station in my anus. That's the whole bit and it's so long joke over and over. I feel like that never stops. It really goes around the world where you're like okay. And then he goes so you're telling me there's sewage going around and round. Thank you mike. Mike says springfield is only thirty. Four out of the fifty. The riverside is in forty six. That's awesome city called representatives. One hundred eighty six riverside riverside is what. How many states missing riverside four do they know. They have no rivers what they have river to change guesses fighting the looking at what. I got a verify. Riverside and california is a very cool place where you can where fox racing payroll drink monster energy drink and you can steal your stepdad's derby duck. Yeah you i just. I assume make and sell meth. That is riverside california and the inland empire. That's very kind of baby. Inland empire rules. Never been there and you don't need to go plan like on -tario fine ontario own since today that texas has reaffirmed to be a hell on earth. Everyone bring their guns remembering their guys Reports on people getting abortion so you could get ten thousand dollars. I mean what's stopping you from reporting every other resident of texas. You bound to make a killing check. What's to stop you from calling the power company and saying i want to turn off..

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