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Live and local. It's twelve noon. I'm Liz Warner and LA county sheriff's deputy, fifty year old Joseph Solano is still on life support and in grave condition just two days after being shot in the head while off duty inside a fast food restaurant in Alhambra. Meanwhile, thirty year old rent Nelson. The Utah man who's been jailed in lieu of two million dollars. Bail is also the suspect in the murder of another man in downtown LA. The same day Nelson was taken into custody yesterday in Long Beach after he walked into a church, they're calling his father to say he'd killed someone the father says the suspect has a history of opioid abuse today marks the twenty fifth anniversary of the murders of OJ Simpson's ex wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman OJ's trial. Transfixed Los Angeles in the world today. The seventy one year old Simpson is living a comfortable life, according to this associated, press's, Linda Deutch, who covered the trial, and had an exclusive phone interview with him. Last week. I mean talk about anything to do with the crime, that he doesn't want to go back over that his family is living with he calls in the no negative zone. He said, I can't understand why anybody would think that I wanna relive the worst day of our lives, the murders of Brown, and Goldman are officially listed as unsolved. Linda Deutsch was a guest on the morning drive. I'm Jeff whittle KABC news. President Trump has asserted executive privilege to withhold from congress number of documents, on adding citizenship questions to the twenty twenty cents is the president rejected. Complaints from Democrats that he's stonewalling on the citizenship issue. I think it's totally ridiculous that we would have a census without asking. But the supreme court is going to be ruling on it soon, I think when a census goes out, you should find out, whether or not, and you have the right to ask, whether or not somebody is a citizen of the United States. A cop who killed an innocent bystander during a shootout is not fair. Facing charges Molina Corrado was working at a trader Joe's in Silverlake last year when a suspect was leading police on a wild high speed. Chase a suspect bailed out of the car and started shooting outside the store and the responding officers started shooting back this week, the police commission determined that the officers did not violate department policy. Even though one of their bullets had Colorado in the chest, killing her Karatas family is now suing the city saying the officers used excessive force Jayson Campadonia, KABC news photo. Ours travel guide has just named Hollywood Burbank airport, the best in the country. Thanks to its location, ease of access, and proximity to a regional rail station. That's the good news. The bad news is that photo is calling LAX the worst airport in the world. Thanks to seemingly never-ending, construction and constant traffic.

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