Adam Schiff, Russia, President Trump discussed on Houston's Morning News


Cause that's what the president's got right now. He's been on all our and they haven't taken a single commercial break. So they Rush Limbaugh now is he talking about rap about his latest health health revelation? If you haven't heard, by the way, evidently the cancer has spread someone You know it was dormant for a while, and he was very upbeat about that. He's stage four cancer, which means it's ah, expanding cancer. No doubt. I mean, it's It's a tough thing. It's a tough thing for For rush for his family, for for all of us, who are our fans and and appreciate all that he is? He is done for the conservative movement. Ah, little earlier. I thought sure this real quick a little earlier this hour. The president got on the topic of Adam Schiff. Adam Schiff, you know is the one who he perpetuate the Russia hoax as it prepares to the president. And now he wants to perpetuate a new Russia hoax that somehow it's all this Biden email stuff is about a the disinformation campaign. Crazy, shifty shift yesterday. Get up, say this is Russia. Eh? I mean, he's a sick man. He is so sick. It is where we went through 2.5 Years of that, plus And this guy he had to be put away A really be something should happen with him. I watched him look straight at the camera say it, and he laughs at it. They left in the back rooms at it and that good as we have John Radcliffe came out that of DNA, said. It's absolutely false is nothing nothing to do with Russia, and it never did have to do. This was like with Tulsi Gabbert and Jill Stein. When Hillary Clinton said about them, this is after the Russian hoax on me, said they were agents of Russia. And you know what? I don't know either of them. They were not agents of Russia. They never spoke to anybody from Russia. It was the same thing Adam Schiff for to be investigated for what he does. He stood up. He looked at the camera. And he said the laptop conceived and dedicated by Russia. This is crazy. This is crazy. Yeah, they got 100. Biden signature on the form when he dropped it on a low, he forgot to go Pick it up. You know, he's a computer shop took possession of it. And the guys in the guy's definitely calling the computer shop One day gives laptop back, his lawyer. Yeah. All right. His lawyer, his lawyer, basically and making the call confirmed that it was hunted by his laptop. No kidding. I mean, hello. Hello. Wake up. 7. 42 time for traffic.

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