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A million homes and businesses without power along the path of the storm. Florida officials say it may be weeks before the electric city is restored to all of the panhandle. I'm Tim Maguire. More news right after this. Britain's Princess Eugenie has married to kill executive Jack Brooks spank as AP. Correspondent Karen Chavez reports the star studded Royal wedding was at Saint George's chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. The twenty-eight-year-old pride a granddaughter of Queen. Elizabeth the second is nine thousand nine to the British throne the Queen and her husband Prince, Philip attended the wedding along with other senior royals, including Prince, Charles Prince, William and his wife Cates. The duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry with Meghan, the duchess of Sussex, the guests included Hollywood stars Demi Moore and live Tyler fashion. Luminaries? Kate moss in Niamey Campbell. I'm pop singer Robbie Williams. His daughter was the bridesmaid crowds of well-wishers filled the street, so they're not everyone was happy for the beaming bride such as anti monarchist, Danny Beckett. He disputes using taxpayers money for security. I would tear right spent the money. However, she wants what she wants the only she's going to read and China's London. A Turkish court has convicted an American pastor, but AP correspondent Walter Ratliff says he's being allowed to leave the country on Friday. A Turkish court convicted American pastor Andrew Brunson on terror related charges but released him from house arrest and allowed him to leave Turkey. The decision is expected to ease. Strained US Turkey relations, the court sentence Branson to a little more than three years in prison. But since the fifty year old evangelical pastor has already spent two years in detention, he won't serve more time. The pastor is a native North Carolina, but has lived in Turkey for more than two decades. He's one of thousands caught up in a Turkish government crackdown following a failed 2016 coup against the Turkish government Brunson denied all the charges. I'm Walter Ratliff. The democrat who hopes to take down Senator Ted Cruz says he raised a record breaking thirty eight point one million dollars in the last.

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