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We are we're all celebrating the regular season opener for the Detroit Lions has there ever been an opening day were you kinda knew lasts about what the lines are going to bring to the table then this year it's odd isn't it it is I think it and there's a lot of that going on around the league because teams just haven't shown you very much during the preseason and I think Steve that it also is really just kind of. multiplied by the fact that you have no idea what to expect at this cardinals offense and I think that kind of makes you wonder okay with the line's going to have to do defensively but new office for the lions lot of faces defense we haven't seen play together cardinal offense we don't know much about the rookie head coach fares on all that adds up to a lot of unknowns in this game that's a crazy thing guys you were just there nine months ago and everybody was talking you know the new culture what the future might look like a franchise quarterback but and what the future might look like nine months later everything's been turned upside down what's what's the thought process out there in regards to what the cardinals are doing because they didn't show anything in the exhibition yeah I mean the I I guess they were just try the other feel it at all build everything today you're right they don't show anything they kill talking about this office in the house will surprise people how are they going to speed up the game and all the different things with this air raid dolphins soul we don't have an idea what is going to look like and I guess we just have to wait to game time to find out what the error rate offices will really truly be like the end of the call was lions quarterback by the way Matthew Stafford probably salivating a little bit going into this opening tell because the cards without their two starting corners Robert Alford out with a broken leg Patrick Peterson out serving that six game suspension that's rather huge from an offensive standpoint a card line should be able to exploit that yes anytime you get Patrick Peterson off the field it's significant and I think the question is the yeah I think there there's match ups and certainly would seem to bode well for the lions but I still think it's a question of what's this off it's gonna look like is I think you're gonna obviously try to establish the run the gonna try to run the ball but then I do think they gonna try to open things up with Matthew but I think you're gonna see crossing patterns with the tight end tight ends down the scene I think you're going to see them try to get marketing Kenny de deep down the sidelines and I think there's a lot of the. going in but yeah I think there's there's match ups here the U. clearly like if your a lions fan and like I said anytime Patrick Peterson is a plan. that's good for your team on a route for anybody to get hurt or anything like that which you just if you're far away if you could stay from number twenty one boys I think I can speak for all of us I'm really excited to see this defensive line it we really haven't seen it all together still waiting on to Sean hand obviously but this is definitely if not the strength of the team one of the strengths of the team without a doubt I mean all I'm looking forward to seeing the two of them what I'm looking balls for two is the see the pressure that that the lives of souls for guys can establish without us having the blitz awhile back or without us having to do start games or anything else I'm looking for this deal the provide middle personal collar and above looking for these guys Trey flowers and won't be able to contain him people forget about that pocket so to me your right to me that the laws should be the strength of this team before we say goodbye fellas a low get your thoughts Frank right now moving to the center position full time up for the first time in his second year as a pro you will we saw him go down against the bills didn't look good I think it's significant that he's able to play today absolutely the quarterback of you all one he he is and he's a guy that's online guys up he's all the slot the line of the proper way it needs to be slayer he's going to point out the Mike backers is so many things that the server is responsible for so what happened Frank in that middle man it just the communication should do this just be a lot better between those five guys so I'm I'm more happy he's there and hopefully because say there are no injuries all right Danny low appreciate your time as always looking forward to the call just bring home a win please. about the guys here's the through this thing in all right Danny Miller Lomas brown at State Farm stadium in the desert lines and cards getting set to get are going and here's the thing just some final thoughts their parts look the line's consider themselves to be a good football team we heard it through the pre season training camp what have you there is one way to prove that and one way only and that's when absolutely Stephen and you know what today I don't care how you do it I I don't care of Matt Prater has to run out there in the desert and and hit a forty five yarder to win it of course in a perfect world we'd love to see the lines run away and hide you have to win this game you're better than this team we beat them there nine months ago in my mind you beat them rather handily I'll go finish the job again here today alright folks it's going to be a dandy and hopefully work out well for the how little blue and silver we will have more coming from the desert your way as we count down to the lions in cards in the meantime we'll let you know that this is the Detroit Lions radio network..

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