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Heroin addicts who die of overdoses everday on the streets of la millions of tax dollars have been spent dozens of speeches political purposes have been made the situation is getting worse the growing problems from pacific palisades in los angeles burbank tobel air to pasadena to hollywood so if one is unlike downtown los angeles what is one see on the streets relative the homeless and shall we say nicer areas los angeles what does it look like ninety percent other people living in cranston lien to brock up brock up at brock and what we call skid row a black men ninety percent and then follow them are black women and children and then the other ethnic racial groups down there and um it's it's it's bad and people just live what they've done folks they've been out there so long and the new people come in the acclimate to the environment at once they acclimate what happened is they taste of freedom and and there too and and they found tranquillity and the misery they've embraced attain to stay same the most of them i would say 95 ninety percent of the men and women who are mentally and physically capable of holding a non five job not received they don't wanna do it they don't wanna go back to mainstream become mainstream the rat race talk about have for our guest 50 or 60 years the democratic party's control does and that the prison marisa gun in garcetti and he's made promise after promise after promise to spend more and more money to fix the problem the more money that is spent the more homelessness happens how does the illegal alien migration from mexico in los angeles how is that hurt the problem even worse after a huge problem i remember uh back in two thousand four but that will go out to south central to speak or go to meeting a young black men marine uh james spencer approached me was his tab we appreciate all you what could do put a veterans for the homeless as long as our government is focused on the on the illegals i'm not going to be able to help on people and of course i know he was talking about now i have a high had those days a lot is by cutting off strands i had a cricket the national cricket team made up of a mexican boys from compton shut up.

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