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In the neighborhoods, federal partnerships and state's attorney's help the whole people more accountable the mid violent crime he joined W Gs Road con after another day of shootings in the city. Aside from the nearly 40 Children who've been shot and killed in Chicago so far this year, there have been four Chicago police officer shot just over the past week. Second Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins agrees with police superintendent He's calling for more prosecution for violent offenders from Cook County State's attorney Kim Fox's office. From the time you might be arrested, you probably won't be if you are you'll be released on an I bond, and then there won't be any incarceration and there won't be any sentence would be a slap on the wrist if even that, until County Sheriff Tom Dart has also criticized fucks his policy on violent crime as Catch and release. For more than two straight weeks. New daily Statewide cases of the Corona virus have in Illinois have been over 1000 doctor and guns. A A CK is the top health official in the state. She has the numbers 1759 people were newly diagnosed with Cove in 19 for a total of 186,471 cases since yesterday must. Regrettably, 30 additional individuals were reported to have lost their battle with Cove it for a total of 7005. 173 lives lost in the states. Positivity rate is still a relatively low 3.9% but it seemed a slight uptick. Unemployed hotel workers in a caravan of cars circled Trump Tower near Chicago's Wabash Bridge this afternoon. Part of a larger nationwide movement called Unite here. It's Facebook page towns, 300,000 members in the U. S and Canada, although it has less than 50,000 followers.

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