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Lead this district during a time when so many narcan mary are facing so much hardship that was alberto carvalo he's the superintendent of miami dade county public schools mr superintendent thank you so much for speaking with us a hope will speak again always a pleasure thank you and we'd like to note that we just got word that miami dade schools will be open tomorrow and now we turned to our regular segment words you'll hear that's where we take a word or phrase that will be in the news and use that to understand what that story is all about and this week our word is actually an acronym h p c use that stands for historically black colleges and universities the trump administration is scheduled to meet with the presidents of at least some of the hb sees that the white house tomorrow this meeting has become a matter of some controversy some background in february more than sixty presidents of historically black colleges and universities met with president trump to talk about his decision to move an initiative to support b c is out of the department of education and to the white house subsequently though a number of observers criticised that meeting as little more than a photo op tomorrow's meeting will mark the first with black college leaders since then michael lomax is ceo of the united negro college fund that's a group that racist scholarship funds he tells us he plans to attend tomorrow's meeting but says that many of those who attended the february gathering may not join him i think the reluctance to attend the meeting by black with presidents who had come to washington in february is really the result of both the inactivity of the administration and some of the activities the administration in activity that they have an appointed the members of the advisory council that serve the white house initiative and they haven't come forward with they plan and programs that reflect the administration's commitment to support historically black colleges and universities and when you look at the budget that they submitted they cut significantly financial aid programs that have impacts for low income students so you know i think we've seen real concern among black presidents which i suspect is going to reduce the amount of attendance that was pretty strong february in it may be less tomorrow i understand that one or the other issues was that.

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