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All right. So sex education is right around the corner Christian. It says it's my season to listen. This is one those shows that I know has been under the radar, and maybe I hope so that it's been generating more buzz, but people if you have not seen sex education. Please do yourself a favor singer done watching this show. Go ahead and watch it. I think it's one of the best shows that Netflix has to offer right now out of the gates into twenty nineteen and I implore all of you to watch it. It's really great knowing that season two is already come thing from the success of season one. And this makes me extremely happy. But Christian what about you? How do you feel about them already dropping a teaser trailer for season two of sex education? I'll take it man. And you know, it it also indicates a larger business plan for what Netflix is doing with a lot of their really really popular series. Because we saw such a quick turnaround for Sabrina. Remember like, we didn't think it was going to get back for renewal. And then they are already have April set for for more episodes. It's only what six months, so I think that you're seeing the same thing they know they have a bona fide hit with sex education. They wanna get into production as soon as they can to get more episodes, and I'm really excited, man. I thought the first season was funny. And you know, we I think we're both big fans of it. Right. So more the merrier at this point as long as sexy Gillian Anderson's back. You know, it's all hood. So I'm ready. You don't when you expressed her love? And then when I just started watching this show on like, wow, she's not age like a fine wine. She is hot in that ghetto get it. I'm just saying I wasn't crazy. It's amazing that it doesn't matter. What like I fell in love with her. She was like a red head, you know, siren in the X files. This is pretty much earth thing you've seen from our new still feller that spells what does that say about her? She's Escom cold FOX now devore's. So let's go ahead. And now talk about one of the main bulk of our conversation here. Today in what's in the box. And that is the show Russian doll. This has came this came out this come out yesterday on Netflix. There's only eight episodes and they're at twenty five minutes apiece. Let's go ahead and play the trailer in Christian. I will be right back with our thoughts. I baby short Carpe Diem etcetera rate. Time is my business might choice baby..

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