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Sacks and will play the Lions on Sunday right here. Our coverage begins at 9. On the home of the bears, Rick Greg does radio world 5 9 WDM. It's 6 18 traffic and weather together on the 8th, here's Neil fiorito. All right, we have a big issue on the Eisenhower as you're making your way up on traffic has stopped the past Harlem to before 17th. That's a crash also a fully engulfed vehicle fire we're being told all the lanes are down before 17th on the outbound side of two 90, stick with Roosevelt or Madison for now as you make your way in on the Eisenhower. You're heavy at manheim with a crash on the exit ramp. You stay heavy to 17th with a gapers delay to about 40 minutes to come in for my 90 to downtown. On the Eden's traffic is nice and light, Kennedy nothing major to mention, you're looking pretty good so far on either side between O'Hare and downtown. Again, the big story this morning is the Eisenhower, which is shut down outbound right before 17th as a crash and a vehicle fire again, all the lanes are down, stick with Roosevelt or Madison for now to avoid the outbound side of two 90. Stevenson expressway looking good on both sides of the Dan Ryan on the way out slow at 79. That's a crash on the entrance ramp involving a CTA bus assault on the bishop Ford slowing it down in bob right around a 130th it's in the right lane to stop a late short drive will be along fine on the tri state no complaints, same story on the Jane Adams and the Ronald Reagan Toei, which is I 88. The veterans memorial to a way route three 90 route 53 all in the clear. Look at that I 80 this morning. We're looking great on either side as you make your way through Joliet through northwest Indiana 80 94s moving along fine. Stayed with 65 and the Indiana toll road. For the metro traffic center, your next report at 6 28 on news radio one O 5 9 backing with a forecast for today intervals of sunshine and clouds remaining cold, becoming breezy this afternoon high today of 26, benzodiazepine partly clotting in brisk, but not as harsh

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