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Chrysler north Jefferson assembly plant Detroit police say a group of men drove a vehicle through a gate around the lot at Kercheval The company. That owns the duck both at capsized in Missouri last week is stepping up to help the victims new questions are being. Raised by an inspector who claims an earlier warning about potential problems with the boat was basically ignored one, of the most prominent things that I found, was the exhaust being. On the front of the vessel which according to Dirk department of transportation standards would that pass regulation He's also has to come out pass the passenger. Compartment we're also hearing from another survivor a fourteen year old girl who says she tried to help save, lives up the push up their feet so, that you get help But the ways for. Two big Lauren. Lost both her father and brother other survivors say no one was wearing a life jacket, when the boat. Went down I'm Andy rose reporting WJR news time seven thirty three let's. Get the update on sports, here's Nick Roddick the Tigers scored three runs in the ninth inning comeback into the Kansas City Royals. Five four on Monday the second game. Of the series will feature Jordan Zimmermann against Burch Smith Saint Louis cardinals starting pitcher Daniel pants deal Yeong through seven innings of no, hit baseball in his major league debut last night. Fourteen months after he underwent brain surgery after he took a line, drive off his right temple after leaving the, Red Wings organization to be closer with his family in Chicago Chris Chelios was named an ambassador for the, Blackhawks. Chellios was, the Blackhawks captain from nineteen ninety-five through. Nineteen ninety nine big ten football, media days continue in. Chicago Mark dantonio will take the podium later this morning and will join Steve Courtney right here on Spartans radio eight sixteen yesterday Jim Harbaugh said of the big ten Days he would be interested in seeing the, playoffs go. To sixteen teams Dirk Nowitzki is. Signed for a. Record twenty first season with Dallas Mavericks he's a thirteen time all star turned forty last, month he's the. First player in NBA history to play twenty one consecutive seasons for the. Same franchise and Oakland university, has apparently tabbed former executive associate athletic director of Nebraska Steve waterfield as its new athletic director according. To the Detroit News.

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