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The Instagram research to The Wall Street Journal Senator Richard blumenthal is chair of the consumer protection subcommittee We now know that Facebook routinely puts profits ahead of kids online safety We know it chooses the growth of its products over the well-being of our children and we now know that it is indefensibly delinquent in acting to protect them Facebook has put on hold its work on a kids version of Instagram but the company has said it's just a temporary hold On Capitol Hill several women who now serve in Congress are serving are rather sharing emotional testimony about their personal experiences with abortion NPR's Barbara sprunt says today's oversight hearing was prompted by a Texas law that bans abortion after 6 weeks Missouri congresswoman Cori Bush testified that deciding to get an abortion as a teenager was the hardest decision she had ever made In the summer of 1994 I was raped I became pregnant and I chose to have an abortion Bush was joined by fellow Democrat Barbara Lee of California who testified she received a back alley abortion in Mexico as a teenager I was one of the lucky ones madam chair A lot of girls and women in my generation didn't make it They died from unsafe abortions The hearing also noted actions the federal government could take to protect the right to abortion including a bill that recently passed the house That measure does not however have a path forward in the Senate Barbara sprint and PR news This is NPR From W ABE news in Atlanta good afternoon I'm Jim beres It's four 32 More than half of all Georgia public school students are now required to wear masks in class This according to The Associated Press That compares to just a handful of districts that mandated masks before school began in August Martha Dalton has more Several metro Atlanta districts drop their mask mandates over the summer when it seemed the worst of COVID might be over Then came the delta variant districts like Atlanta gwinnett Clayton and de cab reinstated mask requirements Still some are holding out The data clearly indicates a mask mandate does not provide a significant change in the cases That's a Cobb county superintendent Chris ragsdale Cobb encourages mask wearing but doesn't require it At a recent school board meeting ragsdale said COVID cases in the district dropped 44% in a three week period Doctor Lee savio beers is the president of the American academy of pediatrics Despite Cobb's improvement she says research shows mass do help slow the spread of COVID in classrooms Our experts have actually reviewed hundreds of studies looking at how masks work And if they're effective and they are effective at decreasing the spread of COVID and other viruses within schools they work best if everybody's wearing them COVID cases are steadily declining across the state Veer says even though children are at a lower risk of contracting COVID schools need to be vigilant when it comes to mitigating the virus We still do have lots of children who are getting very very ill with COVID particularly with the.

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