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Torch v. i. p. Let's move to some other topics here. I will go back to Money in the bank talk and the return of crowds. I do want to address the death of paul orndorff or paul ornoff as owned off. Hokkaido can always had trouble saying the are in orndorff for some reason he. He died Just few days ago at age seventy one actually yesterday at age seventy one. And was i think greg in the conversation. She should be in any conversation as the best opponent for hogan. The orndorff hogan friendship and break-up is cited as a template for long-term bookings in pro wrestling's realm subtleties that that foreshadow it turns and it also just produced at the box office. The the hogan feud. It didn't have that iconic wrestlemainia mo- hogan andre type moment. The timing just didn't work out but orndorff was a fantastic fo in those early hulkamania years in the eighties. What to talk about a little bit greg and in his place in legacy in wrestling you're talking about the the formative years of hulkamania in the wwf. You can't have that conversation without paul orndorff and and the role he played. And like you said you know from a box office standpoint from a creative standpoint. It was a tremendous success and a lot of people you know. We'll talk about hogan's partnership and then Turn with with macho man randy savage as one. That was a very creatively. Well done and so. Sometimes you know the the orndorff thing sort of gets lost in the shuffle. Because you know you have. His opponents like andre. The giant which was was a much bigger match at wrestlemainia three than than any match. Like you said with with orndorff. So it's sorta does get unfortunately lost in the shuffle a little bit but it was still at that you know. It was the combination of hulkamania breaking out in the wwf. Combination of wwf. Really going national and and booming in the united states and getting on mtv. And you know. Saturday night's main event and things like that so He was an important figure in those Early days of hall mania in the wwf. and it it was the upward trajectory of hulkamania. Orndorff helped it and it was. You know guys like orndorff. It was guys like andre the giant and guys like that who kept hulkamania on that upward trajectory. Time so Sometimes that he doesn't get the credit he deserves. I think But yeah certainly an important figure. And i mean when you think of wrestlemainia one i think of hulk hogan i think of mr t. I think of roddy piper. I think of bob morton. And i think of cindy lauper. Personally i think even. Jimmy don't get before thinking paul orndorff which is kind of sad but i think that at the time order was not the primary character in that in that tag team feud with everything that led to wrestlemania one. But by the time warner really had that great feud with With hogan he had taken he had moved up to another level and that was the peak of his career but he had so many good years as not quite sure how to how to categorize work before. Wwe but because he definitely wasn't a journeyman he was a rising star but he wasn't like a centerpiece buzz generating attraction before that so he was just a good fit because he wasn't the best in ring worker but he was he he he was a good promo and had an or a to him and then a physique that fit with vince mcmahon was looking for at the time he was just a good fit for the wwf during during that time period. And it's why he he probably rose again. He wasn't a great promo and he wasn't in the top tier at all in terms of entering work. Yet he had other strengths that were needed to be a top star during that era. Yeah unfortunately for me. You know when i started watching wrestling in the early nineties you know looking at nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety one. He had already left the wwf by that point. He was in wcw for a short time. But i didn't really get into. Wcw until a few years. After i got into the wwf. And and you know my. I think first impression of paul orndorff in. Wcw was as part of pretty wonderful with paul roma so my my introduction to wrestling came at a time when he was sort of out of the public eye in terms of you know a comparison to where he was in the early eighties so Unfortunately i he doesn't have a as great a spot in my memory of professional wrestling in the early days of my viewing as he does for a lot of people who did live through that that early hulkamania days era and can see him as more important historical figure than someone who maybe didn't start watching a little later when when during the ninety s when orndorff wasn't wcw. I felt like he deserved better than he got into. All these. Www it during the early nitro years was just as collection of all these wrestlers. Who had been big names and they were just under utilized in others. Weren't you know it had a lot to do with politics. A lot had to do with what eric bischoff was familiar with or what other people are familiar with who who they liked and wanted to work with but there were more than a handful of wrestlers in the nitro years is like man. They should be getting more out of this purse. More out of this wrestler. They have more to give than getting an order was one of them and i know he had the issue with the atrophied arm and they it's not like they didn't do anything with him but the the the recognition of what he meant. During a stretch of of those early wrestlemainia years i felt was lacking that oral wasn't celebrated. By w w as much as it could have been well. Yeah and what's really curious about. That is when hulk hogan got to wcw and maybe you know the arm and and how broken down orndorff was at that point. Maybe they didn't believe that he could have been put in a Major singles feud. But you know when hogan came any brought a lot of his cronies into wcw and he relived a lot of his old wwf. He had a feud with roddy piper. He had a feud with with the warrior when they brought him in. And and guys like that. So you know orndorff played a very big role in hulk hogan's early days in the wf. I'm sure why he didn't push for orndorff to do something with him a little more than he did. Yeah i mean there was The hogan and savage faced orndorff and paul roma pretty wonderful team on episode of of television. I don't think it was nitro. So but yeah. I mean it's just that what so. Yeah i i remember watching those years man there. There's something here that they could do. That would be fresher but again i think we'd have to get into the weeds on the exact timing of the politics and who was pushing for main event spots but i i understand the rationalization of his age at that point and he just wasn't the same and he also was just perfect for that that mid mid to late eighties wwf. The the strengths were what was valued by vince. Mcmahon at the time in the weaknesses didn't matter in wcw argue you know yet. Ten years to his age ten years from his peak as star and then the fact that he wasn't a great worker at a time when that was going on but he wasn't super tall and he didn't have friends in the right places it it led to him not really having a huge second stint as as a top star. So yeah but i mean be used for a couple of years a few years in w w in a pretty decent way but i always felt like there was more to get out of him during that during a pretty long span in.

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