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Yes. Have you following that? Yeah. Not good apps, Jamal Collier, MLB dot com. Is the first that I said to tweet this out they were trying to leave Philadelphia on Sunday evening after their game there. They were delayed more than seven hours might engine trouble. They had to check back into their hotel in Philadelphia. They have to play a game tonight in Milwaukee long day for those guys. I'd say BUSTER. Yes. I do not envy the position they're in. No question, man. Yeah. So no complaints in baggage claim Monday here for me after considering what the nationals are going through news and sound of the day Red Sox manager, Alex Cora announced. He's going to skip the teams White House. Visit later this month, the number of rather Red Sox. Also, we're going to skip it including Zander Bogart's. Yankee ace Luis Severino is going to be out until after the all star break Brian Cashman revealed that in an interview on Sirius XM radio in Wrigley field last night cubs. And cardinals. The cubs had won on Friday. The one on Saturday. They were going for a sweep and man Benz overs had himself a night on defense. The two one is line down the left side fair ball down that left Beal mind zobrist over to pick it up carpenter. Sprinting for third here comes to throw the. The head. I throws a little bit off line, but Brian collected it and put the tag on his left shoulder. Matt carpenter out at third. There's two down. Boop, chombiono ESPN radio Benz Oberstar's hitting the ball over the place. You made a nice diving catch. He was doing everything in the bottom of the sixth inning cubs. Extended their lead you'll want swang in a line drive survey sent out of the right center. I'll talk scout fats. It'll score to sober insta-. Sam Bryant on his heels Rizzoli second Anthony Rizzo delivers two run double and the cubs late at five to two. Boop shabby again, the legend ESPN radio and Kris Bryant apply the Khuda gras and the bottom of the eighth now..

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