Dr David Eisenberg, Missouri, Governor Parson discussed on Mark Levin


Leaves twelve dead. And for others undergoing surgery today is for Ginny beaches, darkest hour beach. Mayor Bobby Dyer police chief James severa praising officers for their actions during and after a gun battle with the shooter, even though he has while he was involved in a long term moving gun battle with these officers when he went down. They did what cops do and they rendered first aid to this individual he succumbs to his chief surveyor says the gunman used a forty five caliber handgun in this afternoon, shooting and a municipal building next to Virginia Beach city hall, the search for four year old Houston girl who disappeared may fourth appears to be over about. He believed to be that of malaria. Davis was found in Arkansas policemen began searching, an Arkansas, after a community activists told them the man accused of ducting girl made a jailhouse confession that he disposed of her body outside the city of. I hope I'm zuri judge ruling today that the state's only abortion clinic can continue operations for the time being Missouri had refused to renew the license which was set to expire today, say Louis region. Planned Parenthood, medical director, Dr David Eisenberg says the ruling should send a clear message to the governor governor parson driving your citizens out of Missouri for healthcare is deeply unpopular and a legal officials in Missouri say the facility does not provide safe healthcare claim. Dr Eisenberg says now is the UN atomic watchdog said today that Iran continues to stay within the limitations set by the two thousand fifteen nuclear deal with major powers in also reports Tehran's stockpiles of low enriched, uranium, and heavy water are growing raising concern about Iran's adherence to a key provisions intended to limit the country's use of advanced.

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