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I i usually do character parts that are you know a few lines run one scene or two and it kinda. There was a lot to do right. I mean it's an hour long show and i've also never been on an hour shows a lot of dialogue right those shows and whatever that was kind of fun and also a little intimidating but it was great you know i think i had to work on it more because there was more to say you can't just kind of riff if it easily you kind of figure out who this person is who talks. I doubt much certain gigs where you can show up and go. I'll i'll learn my lines ends. When i'm in makeup gigs we have to burn a few calories. Well you definitely that and that and it was very <hes> made me a little nervous nervous because the show is so well liked and you know when you die hard fans like that they can get very upset about the least little change and not only that what's your some pretty heavy company. Every unreal is really. He's going to have to depressurize after he plays this guy for like he's gonna have to go to hawaii for a decade yeah well. I like. I said i talked to him. He's a valley guy grew up in chatsworth and by the way like in the fifties and sixties when there was nothing they're literally told the story about riding horses up on chance worth pass charles manson and had over in spahn ranch where manson manson was set up in chatsworth and his cousin likes it. That's charlie manson that guy's trouble like stay away from him and just just is kept ride. Just salt of the earth coolest guy planet and as i've said before has more money than he needs from malcolm in the middle so whatever when a guy doesn't project any already has money. There's a good chance it's a good project yeah because he doesn't need to works so he's only gonna do this. Shit that's actually speaks to him and is of a higher quality well. That's the theory i don't know. I wish that were true. Well i was true you too because there's there's little show called baywatch nights which would beg to differ with them. Which is i remember. I incredible rentable conversation. I had with someone who was on baywatch nights. Which baywatch nights was baywatch meets like the supernatural meets like <hes> coal shack. The ghost towns and show was and it was literally drowning. It was literally like it was really like it was like this week. He's going after suss squash but sasquatch's under the pier and i was talking to someone and i said what's hasselhoff doing join. I mean the guy's a billionaire. He owns the biggest show ever syndicated five thousand countries. Why is he doing baywatch nights and it's like his love of the craft and i was like what churning out shit i mean what the wlove shit and then we will come. You circled to carry away. I s i think this is a good place to wrap it up. Unless you wanna talk more about dude no no no no. I'm good good all right and that is cruel classics for this lovely saturday. What a great month of august. It's spin we'll be back tomorrow to kick off your september and your sunday so enjoy this extended weekend. We'll be back labor day too so we got two more episodes corolla classics. That's right gio so we'll see you tomorrow. Dan.

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