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Morning everybody is the envy angela ye shall amina we are the breakfast club staff ask e hello this hey kim what's course the free okay so i am forty five and i am dating a thirty year old okay i'm trying to figure out how can i get her he's so immature of course senior but he's really sleet but i'm getting a little like i'm raising my son you cannot force somebody to be more mature than what they really are there's a lot of things in life that people kind of have to go through to learn just like we did you know when we were young we had to go through certain things to grow up you can't tell somebody what to do they have to live experience and grow from me so there's going to be certain things that he does listen part of the reason why you like him is part of the reason why you don't like him i'm sure there's a lot of things about him being thirty and sweet and young and untarnished in the way that you know somebody oh there might be you probably really liked those things about him but you know what comes with that is the fact that there's a lot of things he hasn't experienced so in some ways he is immature so you do have to be patient because that's just who he is is part of the process yeah and one more thing like i don't drink i've never done any drugs number small anything and when you when you started dating him he was drinking right well we only saw each other on the weekends told me that he doesn't drink the week listen to him that you don't drink you know sometimes people have to if that's what a person does like is who they are he if he can accept the fact that you don't drink because sometimes i'm sure he's like damn i wish maduro could just have a drink with me and loosen up right so i think for both of you you know the difference is is probably where together in some ways because do attract but then you can't get mad at those differences and try to change a person because that's when you guys really won't get along right thank you all right you're welcome good luck ascii eight hundred five eight five one zero five one if you got a question for ye call right now with the breakfast club good morning she soon money com no have you been two.

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