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L. A.. Joy Taylor is joining me. Somebody was put the microphone Agra phone on a couple of minutes ago and said are you losing weight and when I felt like saying it's no I'm just starving for football. <hes> yeah <hes> it's great. Have you got nothing but football. Today I absolutely love joy. Taylor is joining me <hes> man. It's moving into August now. I can feel it now football all game this weekend. I know it is exciting. We love how it snuck up on us this year M._B._A.. Agency this let us right into let's break in the action so we got a story. Jerry Jones said something yesterday. Let's start here owner of the Dallas Cowboys who through the years has been very good to his players. Let's not kid ourselves. This is not like an owner of a team. That's cheap. That's not this is not Charlie Finley of the old as Donald Sterling this says an owner that loves his players and takes care of his players but you do run a business and football is a business in Jerry Jones and he's right on this was talking thing about Zeke holdout yesterday and I hope Zeke is listening here he is you don't have to have a rushing champion to win a super bowl but it was the first one to do it and that's one of the dilemmas at running back is that the League knows that you can win super bowls and not Tau the Emmett Smith Back. There are not have Z. back there consequently when we are looking and putting Zeke's contract in place. We've gotTA realize that the ultimate goal is to win. The Super Bowl tone has changed Zeke by the way is in Kabo. Kabo Jerry just said that the cowboys just signed a running back. Oh my the story has changed. Has it not Jerry. Jones is not going to pay him what he wants. Two years out and this is the mistake is that now don't worry about losing the locker room. Jerry realizes this he can now overpaid back. If you're not paying your running back Zeke wants overpaying Dak and you don't lose the locker room because deck who's never made any money is a year out and he's like I just want. I just want to be at Camp so you always worry about in these situations. Losing the Locker Room of star Dr isn't pay now you have in much more in basketball's culture than football's culture but now what Jerry is telling you is we're moving off him. If he doesn't come in and play right we have to move off him. Zeke's and Kabo Jerry just delivered that strike and it just signed a running back and there is something about out football. Jalen Smith has never made any real money in the N._F._l.. LINEBACKER DAK hasn't made any real money if Jerry steps up and pays those guys guys in the near future then Zeke thing has no sting there is a brotherhood in football that does not exist in basketball basketball. It's about getting yours. I mean Lebron in D.. Wade or best buddies. Lebron bailed on didn't give them a phone call..

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