Donald Trump Is Grieving


I feel badly for Donald Trump today. And I can honestly say I never felt that way. That's the first time in my life. I've ever felt that emotion about. Sadness, even when he lost the presidency, which we all think he won. I wasn't sad for him. I was angry for him. But it's the first time I think I've ever seen him stop and be wounded. It's a very strange thing to see. I know the man and I know and remember all too well what he sounded like. A big bodied billionaire real estate tycoon who helped build my city, perhaps more than anyone ever has or ever will. And he did it all with Ivana at his side. Now I know he must have been sad when divorced came and Marla Maples leaped into his heart and his home. But he didn't show it really. That just wasn't what he was about. He's an old school, hardened guy. The kind who believed crying, weakens a man. That to stop and grieve is to slow down and what do I always say? Lose momentum and Trump is a guy that love is momentum. And I'm not worried about him regaining it back at all. In fact, I think if anything, this kind of thing will propel him forward with the kind of a new result and a fury that we haven't seen. I think Yvonne is death in some profound and mystic way will propel him into the next presidential race with a different type of passion and energy. I think this is his let's win one for the gipper moment building up, if you will.

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